Passage List

The Passage List document allows you to create lists of passages on a particular topic.


Create a Passage List 

You can create a Passage List from the Docs menu, from Search results, or from any open resource that contains biblical references.


From the Docs Menu

To create a Passage List from the Docs menu:

  1. Click Docs > New > Passage List. You can find Passage Lists you’ve already created in the main pane of the Docs menu, 
  2. A new Passage List will appear in a new panel or tab. Give it a descriptive name by clicking in the title field and typing a title.


  3. Select one or more Bible versions for your Passage List to display by entering the version name(s) in the version box at the top of the Passage List.
  4. You can add passages to your Passage List one by one within the Passage List. Type the reference into the Passage List reference box and press Enter. The passage will be displayed in the Bible version(s) you designated when you created the Passage List.


From Search Results

A quicker and more powerful way to build a Passage List is to do so from your search results.

  1. Perform a search. You can generate a passage list from any search that returns a list of biblical passages.
  2. Click on the Search panel icon and select Save As Passage List. Verbum will create a new Passage List named after your search.


From Other Resources

To create a Passage List from a resource such as a lexicon:

  1. Highlight the section of text from which you want to derive the Passage List.
  2. In the Context Menu, make sure that Selection is highlighted in the right pane. Then, select Save as Passage List in the left pane. Verbum will create a new passage list from the references contained within your selection.


Add More Passages

You can add additional references to your Passage List in several ways:

  • Scroll to the bottom of your Passage List and enter a reference in the Reference box
  • Click Add in the Passage List toolbar and enter a reference, or select an option to import references.


  • Right-click on a reference in any resource. In the Context menu, make sure that the reference is selected in the left pane. Then, click Add to passage list [name] in the right pane.
  • Merge two Passage Lists into a new Passage List by clicking Merge and selecting the Passage List to merge with your current list. Note that Verbum provides different options as to how to carry out the merge. 


Use your Passage List

  • You can create a Word List or Sermon document from your Passage List by clicking on the Passage List panel menu and selecting Save As Sermon or Save As Word List.


  • You can use your Passage List as a memorization tool by clicking Memorize in the top right of the Passage List. This opens the memorization tool.
  • You can perform in-depth study of each of the passages in your list by clicking Open all. Verbum will open all the verses in your list in a new panel or tab. You can then perform detailed study of each passage.

    Note: You can view all of your passages in any Bible version by opening that version, clicking on the Visual Filters icon, and checking the boxes beside Passage List and beside the name of your Passage List.


Export or Print your Passage List

You can print your Passage List or export it for use in another application by clicking on the Notes panel menu and select Print/Export. A new window will appear with print and export options.


Open the Passage List tool in Verbum


Additional Resources

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