Set Your Preferred Bible

Verbum allows you to set the default Bible version that will appear when you click a Bible reference in a resource or report or when you perform a search.

There are two ways to set your preferred Bible: through the Command Box and through prioritized resources.


Command Box

You can set your preferred Bible from the Command box by typing set preferred bible to followed by the translation’s title or abbreviation and pressing Enter. It’s that simple.

1 Set Preferred Bible Using Command Box


Prioritized Resources

  1. Open the Library by clicking the Library icon .

  2. Type the name or abbreviation of the desired Bible version in the Library search box.

    2 Search Library For Bible

  3. Select the Bible, right-click it, and click Prioritize this resource. This will open the Library’s prioritize pane and add the Bible to the list.

    3 Prioritize Bible Resource

    Note: You can also click the Library’s panel menu icon and then select Prioritize Resources. Then, click and drag the Bible into the prioritize pane. 

    4 Prioritize Resources

  4. Drag your preferred Bible to the top of the Prefer these resources list. This prioritizes your selected Bible version over every other Bible version.

    5 Drag Resource To Prioritization Panel

Your preferred Bible will now be displayed any time Verbum opens a Bible passage. You can change your preferred Bible any time by following these same steps.

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