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My Account

What is Faithlife? Why do I have an account with them?

In August 2014 our company was rebranded as Faithlife Corporation. We are the same company and still the makers of Verbum, but Faithlife encompasses many other services to serve the Church. The Faithlife family of resources includes an integrated church platform, academic study resources, ebooks, and more. All of these tools are connected by a single account—your Faithlife account. Learn more about Faithlife.

If you previously created an account on, it is still active and valid. It has simply been renamed as your Faithlife account.


What is my Faithlife username and password?

Your username is the email address you used to create your account. Your user-created password was entered during the account creation process. Both your email address and password can be changed once you have logged into your Faithlife account.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you know the email address you used to sign in, you can reset your password here.

If you do not have access to your email account anymore, contact customer support by phone at 888-634-2038 (US/Canada) or +1 360-450-3542 (International) or by email at


I’ve experienced a problem with my account or Verbum software. What should I do?

Our Customer Service Center would be glad to assist you by email or phone at 800-875-6467. Visit for our hours of operation.

Tip: If you’re experiencing a more technical issue, like an “error” or “crash,” please visit our Support Page for possible solutions. If your issue is not covered, you might consider emailing our Technical Support Department. You’ll find instructions for reporting these issues on Windows here. Mac users, click here.


Can I use Verbum on my mobile devices?

Yes. You can install Verbum on all your favorite devices.  When you log in to Verbum apps using your Faithlife account, you will always have access to your library and most recent work.


What is the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

You can view our EULA here.

The EULA is the license every user agrees to when he or she installs a copy of Verbum. In essence, the EULA says the software can be used by one user on multiple devices. Your base package is yours for your own personal use and can be used on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other devices at home or at work.


What is Faithlife’s privacy policy?

You can view our privacy statement here.


Why was an item in my cart replaced with a different item automatically?

If you are purchasing an individual book or collection, and then you add a bundle that contains the individual book or collection in your cart, we will remove the individual book because that item is contained within the bundle. This ensures you won’t pay for the same book twice.


What is Faithlife’s return policy?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee return period on all non-subscription products. Once your product is returned, we will process your refund within 7–10 business days. Any specific item may be returned only once for the lifetime of your account. Please contact Customer Service at 888-875-6467 for help with your return.

If I live outside the United States, what currency will be used for my order?

All orders on will be purchased using USD.



What is Verbum?

Verbum is the world’s leading Catholic study platform. Its massive networked libraries, fast searches, original language tools, and helpful Bible-knowledge features help you draw insight from the Word. The software’s beautiful media allows you to easily share these insights with others. No matter what device you’re using—Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android—you can take your library anywhere.


What is a base package?

A base package is made up of two essential parts:

  • A Verbum theological library that includes commentaries, reference works, and other helpful Catholic resources
  • A Verbum Feature Set made up of tools and datasets that work in coordination with your library to give you deep, powerful Catholic study

The power of Verbum is how these two work together. Verbum libraries are curated to help you get the most out of a Verbum Feature Set. You can learn more about base packages here.


What are datasets, and how do I use them?

Datasets are curated by a team of Bible specialists. They have tagged common names, nicknames, pronouns, phrases, and numerous other data points within the Bible to help make your Bible study more efficient and effective. The power behind Verbum is within the datasets. Click here to learn more about datasets and how to use them.


Where can I learn about what’s new in Verbum?

To learn more about the new features, functionality, and resources you can get with Verbum 10, visit


Where can I learn more about using Verbum?

The best place to begin is with the Verbum 360 videos. Also, check out the Verbum support page. You’ll also want to read the Verbum blog, where we explain many of the features in Verbum. In addition, we have an active community of forum users who are eager to teach new users how to get the most out of our software.


Are there any special pricing options available?

Yes! Students and educational faculty can save on base packages and select resources with our academic program. The academic program registration page is hosted by our sister product, Logos, but the discount will apply on Verbum purchases.


I thought Verbum software updates were free—why do I have to pay to upgrade?

We offer free updates to the software to allow you to read your books on new versions of your operating system. You don’t pay for updates at all, and depending on how long you have been using Verbum, you have probably already received dozens of free updates since your initial purchase.


Why should I upgrade?

You should upgrade to make sure you have the latest and greatest tools for Bible study and to take advantage of the best value you may ever encounter on a library. The new base packages contain hundreds to thousands of dollars of new content for pennies on the dollar. What’s more, with Dynamic Pricing, your resources are tallied and you receive a custom discount toward your new base package. You only pay for the new content—nothing more.


Where can I see a list of all the contents in each package?

All the Verbum libraries have been configured with new content for Verbum. For a complete list of the exact contents in each library, visit our compare libraries page.


What happens to books and features I’ve already purchased if I upgrade to the newest version of Verbum?

You keep them all! You won’t lose any books or features by upgrading. In fact, Dynamic Pricing analyzes the books and features you already own, so your current library and feature sets count as credit toward your Verbum complete upgrade.


If I own Verbum 9 Bronze, and I want to get Verbum 10 Bronze, will I lose any features or books?

No. You will gain the new features and books that are part of your Verbum 10 Bronze complete upgrade.


Will I lose my notes, highlights, and favorites when I upgrade Verbum?

No. Your notes, highlights, and favorites, when synced to the cloud, will transfer to the newest version Verbum as long as you have an internet connection.


What are the system requirements for Verbum?

Visit here for complete details on system requirements.


What operating systems does Verbum run on?

Verbum runs on Windows and Mac operating systems. Visit here for system requirements.


I have a new computer/operating system. How do I get Verbum back without purchasing again?

Just go to the Installation page and follow the directions. You can install as many times as you need to, to whatever operating system you need to, and on as many devices as you need to—as long as you aren’t sharing your library with another person. And remember, if you need quick access to Verbum on a computer that doesn’t have the full desktop program installed, you can use the Verbum Web App at


Do I need to uninstall an earlier version of Verbum before I upgrade?

No. Your Verbum upgrade will replace your existing software installation (but not your books and features). If you remove Verbum from your computer, you will need to redownload all of your Verbum content in Verbum.


I just upgraded to the newest version Verbum and downloaded my books, but my software still indicates I have an older version of Verbum. How can I get the new Verbum engine?

If you are upgrading from Verbum 4 or 5 to Verbum, your new books will automatically download when you restart the software; however, you may need to manually install the new Verbum engine. If your computer meets the system requirements for Verbum, locate the install link on your Order Summary email and follow the instructions.


Will you release a free version of Verbum 10?

We will update this page when Verbum 10 Free Edition is available. Meanwhile, you can get Verbum 9 Basic here.


Is Verbum available in languages other than English?

Yes. Verbum is available in Spanish and Portuguese.


I already have an English base package, but am interested in purchasing one in a different language. Can the two be combined? How does it work?

Yes. English language resources are available in English, and foreign language resources are available in that language. You can choose which language to have the software display in. We also offer bilingual packages for certain languages.


Basic Training

How can I learn Verbum today?

The best place to start is with the Verbum 360 videos. Verbum comes with help files within the software. Open the help files by clicking on the question mark icon in the top-right corner of the program, typing Help in the Command box, or pressing the F1 key.


I just purchased a book. How do I install it?

Verbum downloads your books automatically. If you’ve completed your purchase, simply restart Verbum and the download indicator should appear near your system clock.


I already own the Verbum desktop application. What is the best way to install it?

If you already own Verbum, the best way to install (or reinstall) is by download. Please visit our installation page for download instructions.


I updated Verbum. How do I install all the existing books I used in prior versions of Verbum?

Verbum will automatically download those resources from our servers, along with the base package that you purchased.


I just installed Verbum. What’s the easiest way to get started?

The Verbum desktop application is a large and expansive research tool, but you can quickly get started right from the Home Page. Simply open your software and click a quick start card to help you jump right into studying, or enter a passage or word you wish to study into the search bar and click Go. You’ll get results from your entire library, including your top Bibles, commentaries, and other reference works.


How do I choose which books show up first?

You can favor certain resources over others. Just open your library, click Prioritize, and drag in your favorite books.


Is there a place where I can talk about Verbum with other users, share tips, and get help along the way?

Yes! We have an active community in our forums, where you can chat with longtime “power users” and new users alike.


My Books

I just purchased a book. How do I access it?

Verbum downloads your books automatically. If you’ve completed your purchase, simply restart Verbum and you can access it just like you would any other resource in your library. If you don’t have a Verbum base package, you can go to to access your book.


Will Faithlife ever remove books from my library?

You really do own purchases you make from us. Even if we, or the publisher, lose rights to sell a resource, you still own the copy you purchased. Faithlife will occasionally change or remove books temporarily available to you through access such as subscriptions. If you have specific questions about books in your library, call customer service at 800-875-6467 and they can help you.


What is a resource?

A resource is any content in Verbum that is licensed to you. This could be a book, media, dataset, or collection.


If I upgrade to the newest version of Verbum, will I have to pay for books I already own?

The content you already own counts toward your own unique dynamic price, so you don’t have to pay for the books you already own.


What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a unique-to-you discount on a given product based on resources and features you already own, ensuring that you never have to pay for the same book twice. Occasionally, due to publisher agreements, some collections are not available for Dynamic Pricing. You can read more about Dynamic Pricing here.


How do I get Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is applied automatically for all qualifying products. Simply sign in to your account.


How do I choose which books show up first?

Verbum uses advanced resource prioritization to determine which books are searched and displayed first in any situation. This means you can favor certain resources over others. Just open your library, click Prioritize, and drag in your favorite books.


How do I purchase new books?

Verbum allows you to build a library tailored to your specific study needs. In addition to the books included in base packages, there are tens of thousands more books from over 150 publishers in the Verbum ebook format, with more coming in through Pre–Pub all the time. All online purchases will require you to sign in to If you don’t have a current account, you will need to register. Be sure to fill in all required fields. Returning users should sign in before shopping.


Mobile Apps

Is it possible to use Verbum on my mobile device?

Yes! We do have mobile options available for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) and most Android devices.


If I start reading a book or make a note on the desktop or Web App, can I pick up from where I left off in the mobile app?

Yes! As long as you are connected to the internet, your notes, highlights, etc. sync across all devices.


What features are available in the Verbum app?

The Verbum app includes some of our most popular features from the desktop software, including the Notes, Highlighting, and Text Comparison tools, as well as the Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, Exegetical Guide, and Topic Guide. However, for the best Catholic study experience, a Verbum base package for a desktop or laptop computer is the best option.


Do I need to be connected to the internet for the app to work?

It depends. You will need to be connected to the internet via your mobile data provider or Wi-Fi to access all the features and resources of the app. We currently offer offline reading support for owned resources, private notes, highlights, and limited searching when you are not able to access the internet. Guides, full searching, and word lookup require an internet connection.


I have a Verbum base package. Will I be able to see all my books in the Verbum mobile app?

Most books in Verbum base packages are supported on mobile. However, a few of our older resources may not be available at this time. We are working with all of our publishers to ensure these resources can be available, and they will be added as quickly as possible.


What devices support the Verbum mobile apps for Android?

The Verbum mobile apps are compatible with most Android tablets and phones, as long as they support the “Google Play” marketplace.


Do I have to register my account on my mobile device?

No. However, when you do register, you get 30 free books and the ability to add notes, highlights, and favorites. If you’re already a Verbum user, you’ll also get access to your current library.


How much do the apps cost?

Our mobile apps are free to download from their respective marketplaces, but can be enhanced with additional books by linking to a Faithlife account with purchases.


Which free books will I have access to on my mobile device?

The specific list of titles may vary over time. To ensure unrestricted access to a free resource, consider purchasing it at


Do I have to be a Verbum customer to use the mobile app?

No. Our application is free for anyone to use and can be downloaded from the app store. However, if you are a Verbum user, the app will give you access to books from your Verbum library.


Can I read my books offline?

The current version of our app offers limited offline reading by pre-downloading resources to your device. This requires an internet connection via your wireless carrier or Wi-Fi.


What’s the difference between the iPhone and iPad app?

The app is essentially the same for both devices. They use the same general interface, menus, and application from the app store, but they may appear differently based on the available screen size.


Will the Verbum mobile app work with my specific iOS device? Do I have enough space?

The app will run on any device running iOS 10 or later. The app itself does not take up much space, but installing offline books may require additional storage.


Payment Plans

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan gives you the option to spread your payment out over several months. If the one-time price is a bit too much, a payment plan can lighten the load. For more information, go here.


Purchasing Group Licenses

What is a group license?

A group license allows you to buy a digital license of a resource and distribute it to others.


Why do I have to create a group if I want to buy multiple quantities of digital resources?

Faithlife groups are the tool we use for easy management and assignment of resources to others. If you decide to purchase a group license, you will be asked to create a new group or choose an existing group of which you are a member.


I want to purchase the resources here for multiple groups. Do I have to make separate purchases?

Yes, group assignment is for your entire cart. You will need to make separate purchases for each group for which you would like to purchase a resource.


How many copies do I need to buy?

Each license can only be assigned once—you will need to purchase as many copies as you have group members with whom you would like to share.


Digital Gift Cards

Purchasing Digital Gift Cards:
How do I send a gift card to someone?

We will ask you a few quick questions right after you check out to match your gift to the right person’s account. Our customer service team will reach out to you with any additional questions they might have while processing your gift.


Can I use a coupon code to purchase a gift card?

We do not discount gift cards, and you cannot apply coupon codes to them in the cart. If you have a gift card along with other items in your cart, your coupon code may not work. You will have to check out with the gift card(s) separately.


Is there a limit on how many gift cards I can purchase?

No. You can purchase as many gift cards as you’d like. If you’re buying more than one gift card, a customer service representative will contact you to make sure we send your gifts to the right people.


How long does it take to process a gift card? (When will the recipient get my gift?)

While we make every attempt to deliver your gift card on the same day you place your order, please allow up to forty-eight hours for your gift to be fully processed.


Can I return a gift card?

It depends. If we haven’t applied the gift card to the person’s account yet, a customer service representative can help you with a return. But once the gift is applied to the person’s account, we cannot issue a return.


What if I change my mind about who I want to send a gift card to?

Similarly to returning a gift card, if we haven’t applied the gift to the original recipient’s account, we can make a change for you. You will need to reach out to Faithlife Customer Service as soon as you realize a change is needed. We cannot guarantee that all changes will be made.


Can I see if the recipient has redeemed their gift card?

We’ll send you an email when your recipient gets your gift, but unfortunately, you will not be notified when the recipient actually uses the gift.


Using Digital Gift Cards:
What is a Verbum digital gift card, and what products can it be used on? Can I use it on ?

Yes! Digital gift cards will be applied to your account as credit. You can choose to apply credit during checkout on any of our websites or over the phone with a sales rep. You can see your credit balance at any time by visiting your credit settings page. Faithlife credit cannot be used to start new subscriptions.


What’s the difference between a gift card and Faithlife/Verbum credit?

A Faithlife gift card looks the same as Faithlife/Verbum credit in someone’s account. The only real difference is that gift cards are given by people you know. You can use gift cards and Faithlife or Verbum credit in the same way on any of our Faithlife websites or over the phone with a product expert.


Can a gift card be applied to a payment plan?

If you would like to apply a gift card credit to a new or existing payment plan, please call us at (800) 875-6467 to speak with our accounting team.


Can gift cards be applied to Pre-Pub orders?

Yes. If you visit your credit settings page, you can select to have your available credit used before your credit card on subscription/renewal payments. Note that credit cannot be used to start a new subscription.


Can a gift card be applied to a subscription payment/renewal?

Yes. If you visit your credit settings page, you can select to have your available credit used before your credit card on subscription/renewal payments. Note that credit cannot be used to start a new subscription.


Are there blackout days when gift cards can’t be used?

No. You can use your credit at any time until your balance runs out.


Does my gift card credit ever expire?

No. Your gift card credit will remain on your account until you have used the entire


Assigning & Using Group Licenses

How do I assign licenses I purchased?

Get started assigning group licenses by following these instructions.


I purchased resources for my group but don’t have permission to assign them. What do I do?

Admin permissions are required to assign licenses in a group. If you purchased resources but don’t have permission to assign them, ask your group’s administrator for assistance. To find your group’s admin, click Directory in the navigation sidebar, then look for the group member(s) with the Admin tag. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call at (800) 875-6467. We’re happy to help.


I’m a group administrator who assigned copies of a resource for my group. How do I let them know?

Once you’ve given your group members access to a resource, they’ll receive a notification and email automatically that lets them know how to get started.


Can I take a resource from one member and give it to another?

No, a resource cannot be shared by group members. Each member must have their own copy.


I accidentally assigned one of my licenses to the wrong person. Can I switch it to another user?

If you made an error in assigning a license, please call our customer service number for help at 800-875-6467 or email


I accidentally assigned a license to someone who already owns this resource. What do I do?

Please contact our customer service team for help at 800-875-6467 or email


I accidentally purchased my licenses for the wrong group! Can I switch what group my licenses are applied to?

If you accidentally purchased a license for the wrong group, we can issue you a refund and help you reorder for the correct group. Please call our customer service number for help at 800-875-6467 or email
If you have not yet checked out, you can change the group you have selected from your cart by clicking “change group” at the top of your order summary.


How can I see all the licenses I’ve purchased for my group?

Admin permissions are required to see licenses in a group.

If you purchased resources but don’t have permission to see them, ask your group’s administrator for assistance. To find your group’s admin, click Directory in the navigation sidebar and look for the group member(s) with the Admin tag.

As an admin, you can look at your group page on by clicking the “Settings” tab in the left sidebar. Then in the dropdown, click “Licenses” to see all the licenses purchased for your group, who is using them, and how many licenses you have left for each product. However, you are not able to see if the people you assigned licenses to have accessed their resource.


I’m a group member who just heard that I have access to a new Verbum resource through my group. How do I start using Verbum?

Verbum is available for your iOS or Android device, online at, and as a free downloadable desktop application with Verbum Basic. For the most robust experience, download the Verbum desktop application. Every Verbum user has access to each platform, and your account information is automatically synced across platforms and devices.
When you access Verbum, log in with the same account you use for your church group on


Why do I have to join a Faithlife group to receive resources from my church?

Faithlife groups are where we hold the licenses until they are assigned. After you receive your license, you do not need to remain in the group to retain access to your resource. However, a Faithlife group comes with many handy tools, so you may find that you want to use it to connect with your other group members about your resource.


How does group licensed content work when users leave and join a group?

Verbum resources that are purchased with a group license will stay with a member, even if they leave their Faithlife group. Their ownership is the same as if the user had purchased it for themselves on


Can I return a group license?

Group licenses follow Faithlife’s regular return policy.

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