How to Get the Most out of Your Mobile Education Course

Mobile Education courses provide learning experiences that can deepen your understanding of a subject in an interactive format. You can access your courses from the Library or the Courses tool.

Access Your Courses

You can access all available courses in the Library or in the Courses tool.

  • Library: view owned courses as audio, video, or a textbook format
  • Courses tool: view your course as a step-by-step study

Note: See below for help accessing your courses in the Verbum mobile app.

Access Courses in the Library.

Courses in the Library can be viewed in audio, video, or a textbook format. Click the Library icon Library - New icon in the main toolbar and expand the Type filter in the filter pane (if you don’t see the filter pane, click the menu icon Hamburger icon).

Mobile Ed courses in the Library can be viewed in two different ways:

  1. View Video/Audio: View only video/audio resources for any Mobile Ed course. Locate and select the Courseware Media Collection filter. (You may need to click More » to show the filter.)

    Courseware Media Library Filter

  2. View Textbook: Courseware textbooks contain the full transcripts of each lesson with links to the corresponding videos, additional resources, and educational assessments. Locate and select the Courseware Textbook filter. (You may need to click More » to show the filter.)

    Courseware Textbook

Access Courses in the Courses Tool.

When viewing owned Mobile Education courses in the Courses took, the courses display as step-by-step studies.

  1. Open the Courses Tool.
    Click Tools and select Courses.

    Courseware tool in Verbum Menubar

  2. Filter by the Courseware category (if you don’t see the filter pane, click the menu icon Hamburger icon).

    Courseware filter in the courses tool

  3. Select any course.
    All courses show in one of several categories:

    Courses Tool

    • Started: Courses you’ve already begun studying. An indicator shows your current progress.
    • Recommended for you: Courses Verbum recommends you begin studying.
    • Available: Courses you own but have not yet started.
    • Unavailable: Courses you do not yet own. Select any course to see a preview. You can purchase any course through the Verbum store.

How to Study a Course

You can study courses in the Library or in the Courses tool.

Study from the Library.

If viewing a Courseware Media Collection, watch or listen to the media in order. To view the Table of Contents for the collection, click the menu icon Hamburger icon.

Start Course

If viewing a Coursework Textbook, scroll to read the resource. Videos will show inline as you read and clicking any video will open the corresponding Courseware Media Collection. To view the Table of Contents for the collection, click the Table of Contents icon Table Of Contents icon.

Search textbook

Courseware textbooks also include a few other features:

  • Search textbook: Click the Search icon Search icon to enable searching. By default, Verbum searches All Text within the resource. To limit the search by a specific search field (e.g., Footnote text, Heading Text, etc.) or highlight/markup field, click the blue All Text and make selections in the dropdown.

    Courseware textbook view

  • Visual Filters: You can enable available Visual Filters for your textbook with the Visual Filters menu icon Visual Filters icon. Learn more about Visual Filters.

    Filter Textbook

  • Notes: Click the Notes icon Notes icon above the left-hand panel to show any personal notes you’ve taken in your current course. If you’ve enabled the Notes and Highlights visual filter, a note indicator Note Indicator icon will show for each note you’ve taken in the resource. Create new notes from the Selection Menu or the Context Menu.

    Notes in Textbooks

Study from the Courses Tool

The Courses Tool tracks your current progress through each given course. To start a course, open it in the Courses Tool and choose Start.

Studying a course segment

Note: Verbum automatically divides your coursework into manageable sections and lets you study at your own pace. For a more structured approach to your course, click at my own pace and set up a more structured schedule before clicking Start.

As you study each learning segment, the left-hand Table of Contents panel tracks your progress. If your course includes a video component, watch the video at the top of the panel and read the included materials below the video. When finished with a segment, click Continue.

Starting a Course

After completing each learning segment, Verbum displays your current progress through the course.

Progress indicator after completing a segment

Additional Readings and Resources

Many courses include suggested resources to read and explore, like reference works or Verbum guides. Click any link to open the resource.

Additional readings in course

If you do not own a resource, a lock icon Lock icon shows next to the resource. Open the resource to purchase it from the Verbum store. If studying in the Courses tool, Verbum will inform you if you don’t own a resource and prompt you to purchase it in-app.

Purchase additional resources

Taking Quizzes and Exams

Throughout the course, you may be prompted to take a quiz or an exam. Click the link to open the quiz panel.

Click link to open quiz

As you answer the questions, your progress shows in the top right-hand corner of the panel. When finished answering, click Grade to grade the quiz. Verbum will grade your quiz.

Grade quiz

Access Courses in Verbum Mobile App

You can open any courses in the Verbum Mobile App from the Library.

Within the Library, open the Filter panel Filter Icon (Logos) icon, expand Type, and choose either Courseware Media Collection or Courseware Textbook.

filter mobile app library

Alternatively, open the main navigation menu Hamburger icon, scroll down to the Library section and choose Courses section (This shows your Courseware Textbooks).

Courses pre filter in library

Note: You can listen to audio only for each course by tapping the Audio Library option and locating any Mobile Ed audio resource.

As you interact with the course, you can view videos, take quizzes, and interact with course materials and resources. To view the table of contents for the course, click the table of context icon Table Of Contents icon in the top toolbar.

Reading mobile ed in the Logos mobile app

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