How Do I Use Verbum to View a Synopsis of the Gospels?

Verbum makes it easy to view a synopsis of the Gospels and explore the similarities and differences between the accounts using the Parallel Gospel Reader Interactive.

Note: Available in packages Starter and above.


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Open the Parallel Gospel Reader

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Open the Parallel Gospel Reader

  1. Open the Tools menu
  2. Enter parallel in the search bar.
  3. Click Parallel Gospel Reader to open the Interactive.

Click here to open the Parallel Gospel Reader in Verbum.


Enter a Scripture reference in the Reference bar or browse the Parallel Gospel Reader to find the section you want to study. Hovering over a word/phrase in one of the synoptic accounts highlights the identical word/phrase in the other synoptic accounts.

The gospel of John is not linked to the synoptic accounts, so highlighted words/phrases do not appear in John or vice versa. 

Note: If you don’t see any highlights, select a Bible version that has reverse interlinear capability.


Select a Version

The Parallel Gospel Reader defaults to your preferred Bible. To open a different version, click the version name to expand the menu.


Select a Synopsis Resource

Verbum provides four different parallel versions of the Gospels. Each resource presents a unique arrangement of the gospel material. Click the triangle to the right of the resource to view additional resource options.


Note: Each resource can be opened individually from the Library. When you open one of these resources from the Library, Verbum presents different interface options, including limited options from the Context menu (opened with a right-click).


Select Gospel Accounts

By default, Verbum displays all the gospel accounts included in the selected resource. Click View to change which Gospel accounts to display.


Select the "Lead" Gospel 

With the View menu open, you can hover your cursor to the right of a gospel and click the Sort button that appears. This will select this Gospel as the "lead" account and the gospel story will be presented in the order in that Gospel.


View Multiple Versions

Verbum enables you to view parallel gospel accounts in multiple versions. For example, you can view the same account in English and Greek.

  1. Click the panel menu icon  and select Duplicate this panel. Verbum opens an identical panel.

  2. Select a version in this duplicate panel.
  3. Link the panels so they scroll together as you read.


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