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The Topic Guide allows you to search your library and organize the results based on a topic or concept. Continue reading to learn how to launch the Topic Guide and how to use its features.


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Getting Started

Navigate the Topic Guide

Customize the Topic Guide


Getting Started

1. Open a new Topic Guide.

Click the Guides/Workflows icon Guides icon and select Topic Guide.

1 Select Topic Guide From Guides Menu


2. Choose a topic.

Enter a topic in the Topic search bar. As you type, Verbum suggests topics matching your search. Click one of these topics or press Enter to search.


For example: Learn more about what the Bible teaches about praying by entering prayer.

2 Search For A Topic


3. Explore the results.

Verbum searches your library and organizes the results by headings. Click +Add note to attach a note to the guide and save it in your Notes tool.


Navigate the Topic Guide

The Topic Guide is organized by numerous headings--Topic, Related Verses, Catholic Topical Index, Atlas, Biblical Places, Biblical People, Biblical Events, Biblical Things, Sermons, Sermon Outlines, Illustrations, Journals, Personal Letters, Interactives, Media Resources, Media Collections, Collections - Catechism, Collections - Church Documents, Collections - Church Fathers, and Bookstore.


Verbum displays search results from your library under the corresponding heading. Depending on the topic and resources in your library, some of these headings may display no results.


Note: You can choose to collapse or expand all the guide sections by right-clicking a heading and selecting Expand all/Collapse all.



This heading provides a concise definition of the topic and links to dictionaries with entries related to your topic. In addition to this, Verbum displays links to the Factbook entry, the Sermon Starter Guide (if available), links to related topics (if available) and a link to search for words related to your topic.

3 Navigate The Topic Guide


Related Verses

Verbum displays verses where your topic is prominent or directly addressed in the Bible. Click the link to open the passage in your preferred Bible. You can also save the verses as a Passage List.


Catholic Topical Index

This section shows topics drawn from Verbum’s Catholic Topical Index resource and includes links to Sacred Scripture, Catholic Church teaching, writings of Church Fathers, and more.



View entries from atlas resources in your library.


Biblical Places, People, Events, and Things

In each of these headings, Verbum displays links to entries in the Factbook corresponding to results under the heading.

Note: These are different Factbook entries than those displayed under the Topic heading.


Sermons and Sermon Outlines

Discover how others handled your topic through full sermons or sermon outlines from your library. 



Find illustrations from your library to illuminate your topic.



Access articles from journals in your library which address your topic.


Personal Letters

Verbum displays published personal letters from your library. Learn more about personal letters in the Author Guide.



This section provides thumbnail links to Verbum Interactives related to your topic. Click an interactive to study it in a new window.


Media Resources and Media Collections

View related graphics that can be incorporated into presentations and publications in keeping with the applicable guidelines. To learn more about using media, click here.


Collections - Catechism, Church Documents, Church Fathers

The Collections section searches against the entire library (default) or a specified collection for the guide’s key passage, topic, or preaching theme. Users can add multiple instances of the Collections section to any guide using the Settings dropdown on the right-hand side of the section heading so they can search a variety of resource collections concurrently.



Verbum displays resources related to your topic not currently part of your library but available for purchase.


Customize the Topic Guide

You can customize the sections that Verbum displays and the order of these headings. Streamline your study by adding or removing relevant sections and access sections in your preferred order. Verbum saves changes you make to the Topic Guide layout for future guides.


Add or Remove sections

To add a section to the Topic Guide, click Add in the upper right corner of the guide. Select the section that you want to add from the drop-down menu.

4 Add Section To Topic Guide


To remove a section from the Topic Guide, right-click the section heading and select Delete.

5 Delete Section From Topic Guide


Edit the section order

To move a section up or down in the Topic Guide, right-click the heading and select, Move up/Move down or drag the heading to your desired place in the guide.

6 Edit Section Order


Open the Topic Guide in Verbum

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