Topic Guide

The Topic Guide is used to collect information from your library about a topic or concept.


Accessing the Topic Guide

The standard way to generate a Topic Guide is from the Guides menu. But it can also be generated from other Guides and Tools, such as Factbook.


To generate a Topic Guide from the Guides menu:


  1. Click Guides > Topic Guide.


Note: By default, the Topic Guide is pinned to the top of the Guides menu. It can also be accessed in the Guides section of the Guides menu.




  1. Enter a topic or concept into the Topic box and select from the dropdown list of suggestions that appear, or press Enter.




Using the Topic Guide

A standard Topic Guide has a number of sections containing different types of information. Scroll down the Topic Guide sections until you find ones that are relevant to your study. You can add additional guide sections by clicking Add at the top right of the Guide and checking the sections you’d like to appear. The sections and information available will depend on your Verbum base package and the resources you’ve purchased. These might include:



This section provides one-click access to dictionaries in your library with articles on the topic you are studying. It also provides links to other Verbum Tools and Search capabilities that enable you to explore the topic in more detail.




Related Verses

This section displays biblical verses or passages that refer to the Topic. It is split into Key Verses and See Also, as well as providing the ability to save the verses into a Passage List or to open your preferred Bible filtered by these verses.




Media Resources

This section provides access to media in your library that are relevant to the topic. Click one to open the resource containing it.





Open the Topic Guide in Verbum



Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Topic Guide

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