Toolbar Shortcuts

Shortcuts are links you create that rest in the shortcut bar, which is the area of the toolbar between the Tools and the Sync icon. You can optionally set custom icons for each link or group links in folders.

Note: Looking for keyboard shortcuts? Visit this article.

Like the icons on your desktop which open programs or favorites in your internet browser that open internet links, Verbum shortcuts allow you to quickly open resources, run commands, or access layouts you use most often.


Add New Shortcuts

To create a shortcut from an open resource, search, tool, and more, drag the item you want to the shortcuts area.

You can also add non-opened items to the shortcuts bar:

  • Library/Docs/Guides/Tools: Locate an item and drag it to the shortcuts bar.
  • Go Box commands: Add commands, like “Close All” by typing them in the command box and dragging them from the drop-down list to the shortcuts bar.
  • Layouts: Drag saved layouts or layout templates (like vertical alignment) to the shortcuts bar.
  • Hyperlinks: Drag any hyperlink from your computer or Verbum—including links to content in Verbum—to the shortcuts bar.


Modify Existing Shortcuts

Shortcut buttons show either an icon or text by default. You can modify the shortcut to change the icon and the text, or add your shortcuts to folders:

  1. Right-click a shortcut button in the shortcut bar.
  2. Add a label by selecting Show Label: and entering the label text.
  3. Change the icon by clicking on one of the available icons.
  4. Provide a folder name to add the shortcut to a folder. If the folder does not exist with that name, Verbum will create the folder automatically.

Note: Display both label and icon by selecting both check boxes, or deselect one or the other (one style must be selected).

Shortcuts added to folders display in a drop-down menu.


Delete Shortcuts

Right-click a shortcut and choose Delete to remove it from the shortcut bar.

Note: To delete a folder, right-click each item in the folder and provide a new folder name or remove the folder name. When no shortcuts include links to your desired folder, the folder will be deleted.

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