Export Your Library to a Spreadsheet

You can easily export your library to a spreadsheet with a few quick clicks.

  1. Drag the Library icon onto the desktop to open the Library in its own panel.

    Open library in its own panel

  2. Click the panel menu on the upper right of the Library panel.
  3. Click Print/Export.

    (You can also press Cmd+P (macOS) or Ctrl+P (Windows) to open the Print/Export dialog.)

    Pring or Export your Library

  4. Click Spreadsheet (Excel, etc.).

    (You can also click Microsoft Excel under Send to new document. This opens Excel and begins to transfer the data into a new spreadsheet line by line. If you choose this option, you’ll want to save the spreadsheet before you close it.)

    Choose spreadsheet option

  5. Choose where you want to save your file and select CSV from the Format box.

    Choose export format

  6. Navigate to the directory you selected in the previous step and open your CSV file.

As you can see, your new spreadsheet contains all of your resources’ metadata including your tags.

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