How do I set up enhanced voices in iOS?

Your listening experience in the Verbum Mobile app will be much better if you use an enhanced voice. Follow these steps to set up an enhanced voice today:

  1. Open the iOS settings app

  2. Navigate to Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices

    Accessibility Spoken Content Voices
  3. Tap the language that matches the language of the resource you want to read in the Verbum app.

    Note: If you have resources in other languages, you will have to download enhanced voices for those languages, as well.

  4. Many voices have enhanced versions, but they may not be downloaded. If a voice has a download icon to the right, tap that icon to download the voice. Once a voice is downloaded, you will see a caret on the right. Tap the caret to make sure the enhanced version of that voice is downloaded.

  5. An enhanced version of a downloaded voice is available if you see a play button or a checkmark to the right. If you see a download icon, tap it to download the enhanced version.


    Note: Due to Apple’s current restrictions against 3rd parties using “Siri” voices in their apps, the “Siri” voices will not be available in the Verbum app.

  6. Return to the Verbum app and open the audio player as normal. Swipe up on the audio player and select Voice Voices icon. Select your desired voice.

    Enhanced Voices

    Note: Selecting a voice for a specific language will use that voice for all resources in that language.

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