How do I control my Proclaim presentation using Preaching Mode?

Preaching Mode provides a custom view of your homily optimized for when you’re preaching. You can also use it to control your homily slides in Proclaim.


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1. Publish Your Homily to Proclaim.

From the Homily Builder in the Verbum desktop app, click Export at the top of your homily.


From the menu that appears, select Send to Faithlife Proclaim. Then select your group and whether to add to an existing presentation or a new one before sending the homily to Proclaim by clicking Send.


2. Make sure Proclaim is On Air.

When Proclaim has finished syncing your homily slides and your presentation is ready, click On Air in the upper right of your Proclaim window.

Note: At present, the homily integration between Verbum and Proclaim is one way. Verbum sends your homily slides to Proclaim, but changes to your homily slides in Proclaim will not be reflected in Verbum.


3. Engage Preaching Mode.

Return to your homily in Verbum and click Preach.


Note: You can also run preaching mode from any web browser at or with the Verbum Bible mobile app on any phone or tablet.

In the display that opens, click the text settings icon in the upper right and set “Control Proclaim presentation” to Yes.


4. Click the slide thumbnails to advance.

Click the slides icon in the upper right to display your slides alongside the text of your homily. As you preach, click or tap any slide to advance your presentation to the selected slide.

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