What are Top Bibles, and how do I change them?

In Verbum, "Top Bibles"  are your five highest prioritized versions. When you select Top Bibles in a Bible search, Verbum displays results from these prioritized resources. This article will show you how to set your top Bibles.


Changing your Top Bibles

To change the Bibles included in this collection:

  1. Open your Library by clicking the Library icon .
  2. Click the panel menu icon  and select Prioritize Resources.

  1. Open, if currently closed, the Library filter pane by clicking the navigation menu icon .
  2. Expand the Type filter and select Bible.
  3. Drag and drop your favorite versions to the Prefer these resources pane.

  1. Drag and drop additional versions into the pane containing the preferred resources.
  2. Once you have five versions in this pane, you can arrange them in your preferred order by dragging them up or down the list.
  3. Now when you search Top Bibles, Verbum will display results from these versions.

With the Library panel open, you can also right-click a Bible version, then click Prioritize this resource. This will place it at the bottom of the prioritization list from where you can move it as required.

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