Verbum Mobile - How to Find Page Numbers

Many of your Verbum references are indexed by page number. Generally, if the electronic resource has a corresponding print title, the current page number will display in the upper-left portion of the resource tab.

This means you can go directly to a location in the electronic version of the resource based on the print page number or vice versa. Enter a page number (e.g., Page 115 or 115) in the search box and press Enter.

Why don’t some resources have page numbers?

There are a variety of reasons why a resource may not have page numbers:

Can I view page numbers in a Reading Plan?

When actively working through a reading plan, the view is intentionally minimal to allow you to focus on the text. For this reason, page numbers are not visible while reading from a reading plan, but you can open the resource from a reading plan to view the current page.

Tap the panel menu icon and choose Open Resource.

The full resource will open in a new tab. If the resource includes page numbers, they will display like normal in the upper-left portion of the resource tab.

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