Verbum Mobile - Using Your Library

With the Verbum Mobile app, you have full control of your Library. You can download resources to your device, search your Library for specific works, filter the list of resources by a variety of categories, and much more. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use the Library on your mobile device.

To access your Library, tap the Library icon at the bottom of your screen.

Three tabs show across the top of the Library pane:

  • Reading: View your reading plans, group reading plans, and books you’ve set aside to Read Later. Learn more about the reading tab.
  • Books: The books tab holds all the resources in your library. When you find a resource you want to read, tap its title to open it. This article will explain this Books tab.
  • Store: Locate resources you don’t currently own.


At the top of your Library, you’ll find a search bar. Tap anywhere within the bar and begin typing your search terms. You can type a portion of the title, the author’s last name, or a search query to filter by multiple fields at once.

In the example below, if you want to find commentaries that were written by John Stott. To do this, we’ve entered the author: tag followed by the type: tag. This searches your Library for all of the resources with an author whose name contains Stott and that have a type containing the word commentary.

Open the Verbum Help file to see the full list of terms you can use when searching your Library.


Using Filters

You can also filter the displayed resources in your Library by tapping the Filter icon .

Filter options show resources by the following categories:

  • Download status (Downloaded to your device or not)
  • Audio (audiobooks or resources with audio)
  • Subject (Bible, Sermons, etc.)
  • Type (Monograph, Bible Commentary, etc.)
  • Language
  • Author
  • Series
  • Publisher

Downloading and Removing Resources

By default, your resources live on the cloud. You can download local copies of any resource for offline use from the Library. You can download or remove individual titles or batches of titles.

Individual Resources

Resources still on the cloud feature a download icon next to the resource. Tap the download icon to store the title on your device. The resource will download and a check icon will remind you the resources now lives on your device.

To remove a downloaded resource, tap the panel menu icon and select Remove download.

Multiple Resources

You can download or remove downloads for multiple resources at once.

  • Filter or search to reveal a group of resources you want to download/remove. (See above for instructions on filtering your Library.)


  • Clear the checkbox in the top right of the screen.
  • Select individual resources or tap Select All to choose all resources in the available list.
  • Tap the panel menu icon .

  • Choose Download (currently limited to 100 resources at one time) or Remove downloads.

  • Note: When removing downloads, Verbum prompts you to confirm your decision by tapping Remove from a final dialog box.


Resource Options

Tapping the panel menu iconfor any resource in the Library may display the following options:

  • Download or Remove download: The option displayed depends on whether you have downloaded the resource or not.
  • Add to read later: Add the book to your reading list in your Reading tab. Learn more about reading plans.
  • Search this book: Opens new search (you can select either Basic or Bible as your search type) within your selected resource.
  • About this book: Displays additional information about the resource including your personal rating, its download status, and a summary.
  • Reset reading progress: Treats the resource as if you haven’t started reading it yet (This option only appears for resources you have previously opened).

Note: The Verbum mobile app doesn’t yet allow prioritizing or tagging resources. That functionality is currently limited to the desktop and web apps.


Sorting Your Library

You can sort your Library using the link next to Sort: below the search bar.

Your options include:

  • Recent: Sorts your Library with the most recently opened resources listed first.
  • Rating: Sorts your Library based on your ratings (Note: this does not take community ratings into account).
  • Title: Sorts your Library in ascending alphabetical order (A–Z).


Closing Your Library

Tapping any resource’s title exits the Library and opens that resource. You can also close the Library and return to where you were previously by tapping Done on the upper right.

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