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With the Verbum mobile app, tap and drag to apply a highlight. You can even assign all highlights to a particular notebook, view or hide highlights while reading, or run advanced searches based on your highlights.

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Add a Highlight

To highlight text, tap and immediately drag over your desired text. This applies the most recently used highlighting style to your selection. To change the highlighting style, tap the highlighted text and choose another recently-applied highlighting style.

Note: To see all of your highlighting options, tap the panel menu icon to the right of the highlighting styles. If you prefer to turn off the swipe to highlight option, open the panel menu, select View Settings, and toggle off Swipe to Highlight.

Delete a Highlight

To delete a highlight, tap any highlighted text and select the trash can icon in the highlighting menu.

Note: Deleting a highlight also removes the corresponding entry in the Notes tool. Highlights with content (i.e., user-added notes while viewing them in the Notes tool) will remain, but will not have a text (e.g. Bible verse) associated with them.

Assign Highlights to a Notebook

When highlighting is applied to text, a new highlight entry will be added to the Notes tool. All highlights are tagged so you can quickly locate them by filter or search. You can further organize your highlights by automatically assigning them to a particular notebook.

  1. Expand the menu icon .
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap to choose your Notebook for Highlights.

Choose from an existing notebook. To create a new notebook for your highlights, open the Notes tool from the Main Menu (), tap Notebooks, and tap and create a new notebook first. Learn more about the Notes tool in the Verbum Mobile app.

The organization is not retroactive. In other words, all existing highlights will not show in the assigned notebook, but any future highlights will be added to the assigned notebook.

Note: If you use the Verbum Desktop application, keep in mind that unless you assign highlighting palettes to this same notebook, this notebook will only contain your mobile highlights. Learn more about highlighting in the Verbum Desktop application.

View or Hide Highlights

Once you’ve created highlights, you can control how and when they display. While viewing any resource with highlights:

  1. Tap the Actions Menu icon and select View Settings.

  2. Toggle Show Notes/Highlights.

Manage Your Highlights in the Notes Tool

With each new highlight you make, Verbum adds a corresponding entry to the Notes tool. This enables powerful filters and searches to to help you locate specific highlights.

Note: Learn more about using the mobile Notes tool.

Filter to view only highlights.

  1. Expand the Main Menu (tap ).
  2. Scroll down and tap Notes.
  3. Tap All Notes and select the Filter icon in the top right.
  4. Select Highlights under the Type filter.

  5. Tap Done to view your filtered results.

You can narrow your results further by searching the filtered highlights.

Note: If you have assigned all your highlights to a particular notebook (as show above), you can also view all your highlights by selecting the notebook in the Notes tool.

Customize highlights and add comments.

Tap any highlight in the Notes tool to open the entry.

  • Delete highlight: tap to set a new note icon or change the icon color.
  • Change highlighting style: tap to select a new highlighting style.
  • More actions: tap to access additional settings: delete note, edit tags, and view settings.
  • Set Notebook: add the entry to a notebook (or change the current notebook)
  • +Add anchor: add an additional reference or quotation as an anchor.
  • Add a note: tap and begin typing below to add a personal comment about your highlight.
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