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Note: Need addition help? Learn more about using the Verbum Mobile Library.

I can’t find the books I purchased through my iOS device.

 Open the app menu by tapping the icon. Then select Help > Restore Purchases.

For more help, see our troubleshooting guide for mobile resources.


I can’t find my books.

Check the following: 

  • Are you signed in to the correct account? Books will only appear in the account that purchased them.
  • Is this a newly purchased book? Recent purchases may take a little while to appear in your library.
  • Are you online or offline? If you're offline, can you see the book when you're online?
  • Is this a new device? If so, did you perform a fresh install on your device or do a backup/restore? Faithlife only supports fresh installs of our apps on new devices; backup/restore methods (from one device to another) are not supported.
  • Did you recently install the app? If so, did you sign in? The app can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours (depending on the number of downloaded books) to sync resources, notes, highlights, etc. after a new install.
  • Have you tried rebuilding the index (iOS only)? From the Home Page, type rebuild index in the reference field at the top of the screen. 
  • Has the book been hidden in the Desktop app? Books hidden using the desktop app won’t appear in the mobile app either.


I can’t find my books in the Faithlife Ebooks app.

Have you turned off the Faithlife Ebooks Resources Only setting? By default the Faithlife Ebooks app only shows Faithlife Ebook resources; to show all resources, open the settings menu by tapping the icon, then toggling the Faithlife Ebook Resources Only option off.


I can’t find my books while offline.

Are the books downloaded locally? Reading a book while you're online doesn't mean the book has been downloaded to your device. To download a book for offline use, open your Library and tap the Download icon next to the book you want.

Learn more about downloading resources for offline use.


My downloaded books don’t work offline.

  • Are you sure the books are downloaded locally? With the book open, tap the icon, then tap the Book Info icon . Is the option to download available?
  • It could be that the downloaded book is outdated. Find the book in your Library, tap the icon, then tap Remove download. After the download has been removed, tap the Download icon to redownload the book.
  • Did you backup/restore the app from another device? If so, this scenario isn’t supported - previously downloaded books will not be backed up / restored to another device. Please perform a fresh install on your new device.


I just bought a book and can’t find it.

  • Is the book supported on mobile devices? Some books are not supported on mobile either because of licensing or technical issues. Please contact Customer Support at support@verbum.com or at 888-634-2038 (US/Canada) or +1 360-450-3542 (International).
  • How long did you wait after buying the books? Books might not instantly appear in the Mobile apps. Make sure your device is online and wait a few minutes, or open the Navigation menu by tapping the icon. Then tap  Sync Your Data
  • Have you synced or restarted the app while online? If not, please restart the app while online.
  • Is this a new device? Make sure you’ve done a fresh install of the app while online, and are signed in with your account.


Downloaded books on one device aren’t downloaded to my other device. Why?

Downloads must be completed on each device individually. The number of books downloaded on one device will not automatically match other devices when using the same account.


The reason? Not all devices have the same storage capabilities and we don’t want to force downloads to all devices because a change was made on one. Many customers that use more than one device with the same account want to control exactly which books are downloaded on each.


How do I make the downloaded books the same on both devices?

The best way is to use Mobile Management on Verbum Desktop to select which books you want on each device. To access Mobile Management:

  1. Open Verbum Desktop and open the Library Library - New icon.
  2. Locate a resource and select its row in the Library (not the linked title, but the row).
  3. In the information pane (if not visible, click the Info icon icon), scroll down to the Devices section.
  4. Check to download the resource to any connected device.

Devices info pane in the Logos Mobile App


How do I filter resources in my Library?

You can also filter your Library by tapping the Filter icon Filter Icon (Logos) icon.

Filter mobile library

Filter options show resources by the following categories:

  • Download status (Downloaded to your device or not)
  • Audio (audiobooks or resources with audio)
  • Subject (Bible, Sermons, etc.)
  • Type (Monograph, Bible Commentary, etc.)
  • Language
  • Author
  • Series
  • Publisher

For text-based advanced searching, view the examples below.

Note: Learn more about using the Verbum Mobile Library, including filtering.

I only want to see books in a certain language.

Open the Library and enter lang:spanish or lang:german, etc. in the Library search field. You can use Mobile Management in Verbum Desktop to manage what books appear in your app.


I want to see downloaded books only.

Open the Library, tap the filter icon Filter Icon (Logos) icon, and select the Downloaded filter. Alternatively, enter local: in the Library search field.


I know some words in a book title but I can’t find the book. How do I find it?

Open the Library and enter title: followed by the words you know are in the Title.


How do I find books by a certain author?

Open the Library and enter author: followed by the author’s name.


How do I find books in a given subject?

Open the Library and enter subject: followed by the subject name.


How do I find books of a certain type?

Open the Library and enter type: followed by the book type.


Other advanced filters.

The following Library Filters work in the mobile apps:

  • Abbreviated titles; ex. abbrev:nas
  • Author; ex. author:smith
  • Edition; ex. edition:logos, edition:ebook
  • Electronic publication date: ex. epubdate:2017
  • Language; ex. lang:greek, lang:english
  • My Tags; ex. mytag:tagname
  • Pubdate; ex. pubdate:1995
  • Publisher; ex. publisher:zondervan
  • Rating; ex. rating:5
  • Series (i.e. Commentary Series); ex. series:anchor
  • Tags; ex. tag:[tagname]
  • Titles; ex. title:esv
  • Types; ex. type:bible 
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