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Knowing where else a primary source is cited helps make meaningful connections to important themes and ideas in your study. Use the Cited By tool to search your library for cross-references in both original and secondary sources by linking Cited By to your open books.

Note: The Cited By tool searches for cross-references to primary sources that have references other than page numbers like a chapter, verse, or section. It will not find citations of secondary sources like a commentary cited by another commentary.

Open the Cited By Tool

  1. Click Tools > Lookup > Cited By, or type cited by in the Find tools box and press Enter. The Cited By tool will open in a new tab or panel.


  2. Enter the reference you want to find in the search box and press Enter.


Cited By Linked to a Book

  1. Open a book (Bible, or other primary source) using the Library or Command box.
  2. Click Tools > Lookup > Cited By, or type “cited by” in the Find tools box and press Enter. The Cited By tool will open in a new tab or panel.
  3. As you scroll or navigate your book, Cited By will update to display citations of your current location in that book.

    Note: If Cited By does not follow your active book, click the Cited By panel menu icon and select Follow.


Cited By Results

Cited By results are organized in two sections by default: All Open Books and All Books. To narrow your search, click ‘Add’ in the top right corner to select a Collection or Series. (Learn more about creating a Collection.)

  • All Open Books — Displays results from books that are currently open.
  • All Books —- Displays results from all books in your Verbum library.
  • Collection or Series — Displays results from a specific collection or series of books. To add a collection or series to your Cited By results, click Add in the upper right of the Cited By panel and select a collection.


Open Cited By in Verbum

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