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The Cited By tool searches your library for a given reference and shows citations to that reference in secondary sources within your library. You can link the tool to follow open resources, or search for a reference. 

Note: The Cited By tool works best when searching for citations of Bibles and other primary sources that have references (other than page numbers). It will not find citations of secondary sources. (For example, a citation of a commentary in another commentary.)


Get Started

  1. Click Tools > Lookup > Cited By. The Cited By tool will open in a new tab or panel.


  1. Enter the reference you want to find in the search box and press Enter. (Click the magnifying glass icon image-0.jpeg beside the search box to open a Basic search for your query.)


Cited By Linked to a Resource

  1. Open a resource (Bible, or other primary source) using the Library or Command box.


  1. Click Tools > Lookup > Cited By, or type cited by in the Find tools box and press Enter. The Cited By tool will open in a new tab or panel.




  1. As you scroll or navigate your resource, Cited By will update to display citations of your current location in that resource.

Note: If Cited By does not follow your active resource, click the Cited By panel menu icon  and select Follow.




  1. Click a citation in the Cited By tool to open it in a panel or tab.


Cited By Results

Cited By results are organized in three sections:


  • All Open Resources — Displays results from resources that are currently open.


  • All Resources —- Displays results from all resources in your Verbum library.


  • Collection or Series — Displays results from a specific collection or series of resources. To add a collection or series to your Cited By results, click Add in the upper right of the Cited By panel and select a collection.




Open Cited By in Verbum


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Cited By 

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