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Note: Available in packages Bronze and above.

The Bible Browser tool presents biblical data in an easy-to-navigate manner. Predetermined filters allow you to quickly browse biblical passages to see what the Bible says about words, phrases, or topics.

Note: Because the Bible Browser uses a large amount of data, it is only accessible online.


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Get Started

Browse the results

Refine a search

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Get Started

1. Open the Bible Browser.

Click the Tools icon Tools icon and scroll to the Reference section. Select Bible Browser.

1 Select Bible Browser From Tools Menu


The Bible Browser has two primary components:

  • A Find box with a faceted list of search filters
  • The main content pane showing Bible verses or passages that match the criteria selected in the sidebar.

2 Bible Browser Overview


2. Choose a Bible version.

Click the Bible Version drop-down menu and make a selection.

3 Select Bible Version


The Bible Browser loads the last Bible you selected when using the tool.

Note: The Bible Browser is available for a limited number of versions, so you may not see all your unlocked versions in this tool.


3. Type a query in the Find box.

This filters the faceted list to display only the filters relevant to that query. The Bible Browser filters a queried term and its referents.  

For example: If you enter church, the Bible Browser includes other references to the church such as you, our, and saints.

4 Apply Filter Using The Find Box


Browse the results

Navigate the content panel

Scroll down the main content window or use the arrow keys to view the results. The reference window displays the currently viewed text (This is helpful when browsing by pericopes.)


Locate a specific passage

Skip ahead to a specific passage in your results by entering the reference you want to navigate to in the Reference box.

5 Enter Reference In Reference Box


View morphological data

Hover over any word in the main content window to view basic morphological information based on the original languages.

6 View Morphological Data


Access additional tools

Right-click a word to open a menu of additional features and tools.

7 Right Click Word For Additional Tools


Open the passage in your selected Bible

Click the reference in the content pane to open your chosen Bible to the passage. (Opening your chosen Bible does not apply the filter from the Bible Browser to your Bible.)


Refine a search

Select additional filters

Click a filter in the sidebar or search for additional filters by entering your query in the Find box.

8 Apply Additional Filters


Remove a filter

Click the X beside it at the top of the main content panel. This removes a single filter and retains results from the remaining filters.


Apply visual filters

Click the Visual Filters icon  and select one or more visual filters. For more information about using visual filters, click here.


Filter by individual verses or pericopes

Click the passage drop-down menu icon and make a selection. Choosing to filter by verse applies the filter to individual verses and filtering by pericope applies the filter to larger sections. This means that the number of results for filtered terms will change depending on your selection.

For example: The Bible Browsers below show results for the filters People: A Church and Senses: temple. The upper browser is set to filter by Pericope, and the lower browser is set to filter by Verse. This example is for demonstration purposes only. Verbum cannot open two instances of the Bible Browser at the same time.

9 Results For Pericope 10 Results For Verse


Export a search

You can send your search results to a Resource panel, Passage List document, or Search panel by clicking the Send Search Results icon  and making a selection.

11 Send Search Results


Resource panel

When you select this option, Verbum opens a Bible panel in your chosen translation and displays your results. You can navigate back and forth between your results and access additional tools like the Interlinear or Multiple resources display.

  • Clicking Remove filter restores the resource panel to its normal layout.
  • Clicking the reference in the panel opens the passage in a new resource panel with no filters applied.

12 View Results In Resource Panel


Passage List document

When you choose to export your search as a Passage List document, Verbum automatically creates a document using the results of your search and titles the document using your search query (You may change this if you desire).

13 Save Results As Passage List


Search panel

Exporting your results to a Search panel opens a Bible search window and creates limits for the search using the references from your original query.

14 Export To Search Panel

Note: This sends the verses or passages within your search result to the Search panel—not your search query itself.


Access a prior search

Navigate between searches

Click the arrow buttons on the toolbar to go back to prior searches or return to later ones.

15 Navigate To Other Bible Browser Searches


View a history of your searches

Click the dropdown menu icon and select a search to return to those results.

16 View A History Of Your Searches


Open the Bible Browser in Verbum


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Bible Browser

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