Prayer List

You can create and share lists of prayers using the Prayer List tool. Each Prayer List is made up of entries for individual prayers that you can track and schedule.


Create a Prayer List

  1. You can create a Prayer List by clicking Doc > New > Prayer List. Prayer Lists you’ve already created are listed in the main pane of the Docs menu.
  2. Verbum will open a new Prayer List in a new tab or panel. Give your Prayer List a descriptive title by clicking in the title field and typing a name.


  3. You can create a new prayer entry by clicking Add prayer. Each prayer has:
    • A title text field. Give your prayer a title by clicking in the text box and entering a name.
    • A notes text field below the title on the left. Write key information about your prayer here.
    • An answer field to the right of the notes field. Record answers to prayer here.
    • Tags. Click Add tag to create tags for your prayers. This allows you to easily search your prayers.


Schedule Prayers

You can set Verbum to remind you of specific prayers at different intervals. To do so,

  1. Select a prayer.
  2. Ensure that the checkbox beside Pray for this item is checked.
  3. Click on the Frequency drop-down menu link to select the frequency you want to make this prayer.
  4. Click on the Interval drop-down menu link to select whether you want to pray at this frequency per day, week, month, or year. You can also select start and end dates for this prayer.


Organize Prayers

Verbum sorts yours prayers into three categories: Scheduled (appears at the top), Unscheduled (appears below scheduled prayers), and Answered (appears below unscheduled prayers).


You can tag your prayers using Add tag. You can easily search your Prayer List by clicking on the Prayer List panel menu icon and selecting Find (In This Panel). Enter the word or words you want to find in the search box that appears, then press Enter. Verbum will display all search results in your Prayer List that matches your search term(s).


Find a Prayer List

Verbum displays your prayer list as a card on your Home Page. You can also access your prayer list by clicking Docs in the toolbar, then searching for and selecting your Prayer List in the main pane.


Share a Prayer List

You can share your prayer list with a Faithlife Group of which you are a member. To do so, click on the Prayer List panel menu icon and select Manage Document Sharing. This will open your document in the online Verbum Documents Manager in a new browser window, where you can collaborate, duplicate, and delete documents.


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Prayer List Document

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