The Pronunciation tool allows you to easily find the correct pronunciation of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek lemmas, in addition to some English words. The Pronunciation tool can be accessed from the Context menu within a Bible resource, in the Factbook, or opened as a panel from the Tools menu.

Note: The Pronunciation tool provides the pronunciation of lemmas (the dictionary form of a word) but does not provide the pronunciation of inflected forms.


Context Menu

  1. From an open Bible resource, right-click the word you want to pronounce.
  2. Select the lemma form of the word in the left column of the Context menu.

    1 Pronounce From The Context Menu


  3. Click Pronounce in the right column of the Context menu. Verbum plays an audio clip of the correct pronunciation of that lemma.

    Note: If you don’t see Pronounce, check to make sure you have selected Lemma.



Pronunciation is embedded in the Factbook after certain words (usually English versions of Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic words). To hear the correct pronunciation of a word, click the speaker icon beside it. Verbum plays an audio clip of the correct pronunciation of that word.

2 Pronounce From The Factbook

Try it in Verbum.


Tools Menu

  1. Open the Pronunciation tool. Click the Tools icon Tools icon. Type Pronunciation in the search box, and select the Pronunciation tool which opens in a new panel.

    3 Pronounce Using The Pronunciation Tool


  2. Select language. Expand the dropdown menu and select your desired language and style.

    4 Select Desired Language


  3. Find a word. Scroll through the list of words to locate the desired word.


    Enter the transliterated form of the word you want to pronounce preceded by the appropriate prefix. Enter h: for Hebrew, g: for Greek and a: for Aramaic. For example, to hear the pronunciation for Abram, enter h:abram.

    5 Find A Word To Pronounce

  4. Click the word you want to pronounce. Verbum plays an audio clip of the correct pronunciation of that lemma.



More Information about Pronunciation

To find more information about pronunciation or the approach used in the Pronunciation tool, open the panel menu and click Information, or press Cmd+I (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows).


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