Advanced Timeline

The Advanced Timeline tool displays a unified graphical timeline of historical events. It’s the best way to view how various events, people, and subjects interact in history. You can filter, sort, and search to generate a Timeline and then access research tools for more information on any Timeline item.

Note: Available in packages Bronze and above.

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Open the Advanced Timeline Tool

To open the Timeline, click Tools > Reference > Advanced Timeline. Alternatively, click Tools Tools icon and type “timeline” in the Find tools box.

The Timeline will open in a new window.

Open the Timeline in Verbum

Note: You can choose to dock the panel in Verbum from the panel menu Kebab Vertical icon.

Choose a Timeline

You can set the Timeline tool to view different time periods in a variety of ways.

1. Set a date range.

Enter a date range in the navigation box and press Enter. Verbum will set the timeline to match.

Set A Date Range


Here are some examples of valid date ranges:

  • 100BC  –  AD 399
  • 500 – 300 (converts to 500 BC – 300 BC)
  • 100 BC – 1110 (converts to 100 BC – AD 1110)

Note: If you don’t include “AD” or “BC”, Verbum will interpret your results as best as possible.

2. Zoom In/Out

By default, the Timeline tool opens to your last date range. You can increase or decrease the date range by clicking the Zoom in Zoom In icon or Zoom out Zoom Out icon icons.

Zoom In An Out On Timeline

The date range in the navigation box will update accordingly.

3. Choose a preset historical era.

Select an era to view by choosing an option from the Fit drop-down menu.

Choose Preset Historical Era

Choose an era from:

  • Bible & Church
  • Western History

4. Adjust the preview bar.

You can also adjust the Timeline tool view using the preview bar below the Timeline.

Drag the handles to expand or contract the date range or drag the middle of the preview bar to move the entire date range.


Filter Timeline Events

1. Use Bible, Event, or Subject filters.

Click the Filter icon Hamburger icon to show available filters. Select any filter(s) to filter the timeline events to your selected filter(s). Cancel any filter by clicking the corresponding × (or click All to clear all filters).

Select A Filter


2. Search for a Subject, Event, or Person.

Enter an event, subject, or person in the Find box and press Enter. Verbum will filter the Timeline to show only your search. Cancel any search by clicking the corresponding × (or click All to clear your search and all filters).

Search For A Subject Event Or Person


Timeline View Options

You can group the Timeline in a variety of ways and show or hide era headers. Click View Caret 1Px icon to show view options.

Group Timeline Options

You can group the Timeline by:

  • Subject and Type: enable the left-hand subject indicator and then show all similar type events together.
  • Type: group by event type only (e.g., archeology, arts and culture, etc.)
  • Subject: group by subject only (e.g., biblical events, biblical studies, etc.)
  • None: show all Timeline content organized by date and alphabetized

Group Timeline Content

The Subject and Type categories correspond to the Subject Area and Event Type filters respectively.


Show Era Options

If desired, you can display headings over the timeline for either Bible & Church or Western History Eras. Alternatively, select None to hide the era headings.

Show Eras In Timeline


Explore Additional Information

Click any Timeline item to view details and links to resources providing further information in a popup. Some events have sub-events, which can be expanded by clicking the arrow next to the event.

View Additional Information

Note: To view this information in the sidebar, toggle on the information sidebar (click Info icon). Viewing additional information in the sidebar can be particularly helpful if the Timeline item contains a lot of attached information or sub-events.

Items with a lock icon are from resources that are not in your Library. For resources you do not own, clicking the title will open a panel in which you can see the resource cover image, a description, price, and links to Add to cart or Quick Buy.

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