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Each of the primary guides in Verbum have a number of sections included by default, but these can be modified to meet your needs. You can add, remove, or move sections so the guide provides just the information you want. This creates a custom version of the standard guide. But you can also build a new multi-section guide from the ground up, or open a single section as a stand-alone guide. These custom guides are saved in their own section of the guides menu.


Creating a New Guide from Scratch

To create a new guide from scratch: 

  1. Click Guides > New > Make a new Guide (it’s in the bottom right corner of the guides menu).

  2. Give your guide a name by clicking Untitled Guide and entering a name of your choice.
  3. Choose a kind of guide from the drop-down menu.


The type you select will determine which sections are presented in the toolbar on the right. Then either choose All Sections from one of the standard guides or click the specific sections you want. This will add the specified sections to the guide.

Drag sections within the guide to rearrange them and click the X to the right of a section to remove it.

The new guide will now appear in the Guides menu, and in the Context menu, and can be used as any other guide.

Note: You can also open a single-section guide and add additional sections as described below.

Creating a New Guide From an Existing One

Instead of creating a guide from scratch, you can quickly modify an existing one. Simply open the Guide you want to use as the base, and add or remove sections to suit your needs.

Add sections by clicking Add on the guide’s toolbar. Remove sections by hovering over them and clicking the X that appears. The resulting Guide will be saved under Custom Guides with the default name, “My xyz Guide.”

You can also edit an existing guide using the Guide Editor by opening the guide you want to edit, clicking the panel menu icon , and selecting Edit this guide (Windows) or Edit Guide (macOS).


Additional Resources

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