Word Find Puzzle

Word Find Puzzles make studying the Bible fun and can be valuable for remembering key words from a passage. They can also be exported or printed to share with others.


Create a Word Find Puzzle

  1. Click Docs > New > Word Find Puzzle. (You can find previously-created Word Find Puzzles in main pane of the Docs menu.)


  1. Begin typing a biblical reference in the Reference box. You can select a suggestion that appears in the drop-down menu, or continue typing the reference and press Enter. 



  1. Verbum generates a Word Find Puzzle using important words in the passage and gives it a title. (You can rename it by clicking in the title field and entering a new name.)



  1. You can customize the puzzle in several ways:


  • Change the number of letters and words hidden by selecting Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large in the upper right.


  • Set whether to allow diagonal words by clicking the Word Puzzle panel menu icon and selecting Allow Diagonal Words.


  • Set whether to allow words spelled backwards by clicking the Word Puzzle panel menu icon and selecting Allow Backward Words.



  1. You can set whether the puzzle displays a list of hidden words or the entire biblical passage by selecting Word List or Passage in the upper right of the panel.


Solve the Puzzle

Click and drag over a word in the puzzle. Verbum will highlight puzzle words that you’ve found.



To find all of the hidden words, click Solution in the toolbar. Verbum will display the words you circled and did not circle in different colors.



Print or Export a Word Find Puzzle

You can print or export your Word Find Puzzle by clicking on the Word Puzzle panel menu icon and selecting Print/Export. A new window will open providing you with print and export options.



Create a New Word Find Puzzle in Verbum



Additional Resources

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