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A Passage Guide is the quickest and most exhaustive way to find where a passage is referenced or discussed in your Library. It provides fast access to many resources, such as commentaries, journals, cross-references, parallel passages, ancient literature references, photos, maps, illustrations, sermons, and more. It also links to the Bible Facts datasets providing information on People, Places, Events, and Things referenced in the passage.

This article shows you how to access the Guide, how to choose the passage you want to study, and some of the key information provided in the Guide.


Accessing the Passage Guide

There are two main ways to generate a Passage Guide: from the Guides Menu or from a biblical passage.


From the Guides Menu 

To generate a Passage Guide from the Guides menu click Guides > Passage Guide.

Note: By default, the Passage Guide is pinned to the top of the Guides menu. It can also be accessed in the Guides section of the Guides menu.


To specify the passage you are studying:

Enter the passage in the reference box. As you type, a dropdown list of suggestions will appear. You can select one of these, or continue typing your passage reference, then press Enter.


From a Biblical Passage

To generate a Passage Guide from a biblical passage you are studying:

  1. Highlight the passage you want to study, then right-click it to open the Context menu.
  2. Select the Bible reference in the left pane of the Context menu.
  3. Click Passage Guide on the right.

    Note: You can also open a Passage Guide from the Selection Menu. Highlight your passage and select Study when the Selection Menu pops up to open a Passage Guide on your selected verse(s).


Using the Passage Guide

Scroll through the Passage Guide sections until you find ones that are relevant to your study. You can add additional guide sections by clicking Add at the top right of the Guide and checking the sections you’d like to appear. The sections and information available will depend on your Verbum base package and the resources you’ve purchased. These might include:



This section shows all the commentaries in your Library that have articles on the passage you are studying. Clicking any of the links will open the commentary to the relevant passage.


Cross References

This section shows cross-reference resources as well as a list of cross-references drawn from the Bibles in your Library. Clicking one of the cross-reference resources will open it to the relevant passage.


You can save the cross references in a Passage List or open a filtered copy of your preferred Bible showing only the indicated verses.


Systematic and Biblical Theologies

These sections provide access to your systematic and biblical theology resources that refer to the passage being studied.


Biblical People

This section shows the people referenced in the passage with clickable links to more information.


The sections for Biblical Places, Things, and Events provide similar types of information.


Media Resources

This section shows media in your Library that are tagged to reference the passage being studied.


Catholic Topical Index

This section shows topics drawn from Verbum’s Catholic Topical Index resource and includes links to Sacred Scripture, Catholic Church teaching, writings of Church Fathers, and more.



This section provides links to sermons in your Library that were preached on this passage.


Open the Passage Guide in Verbum


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Passage Guide

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