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How Do I Log into a Different Verbum Account?


After logging into the wrong account, you do not see your books in the Library.


Because your Library is unlocked specifically for one User Account, if you log in under a different account, you will not have full access to your specific library. This often occurs because a user has forgotten their email address, and set up an additional account, or because they have signed up with their Google/Android email, instead of the address they used at


To change accounts, you'll need to clear the App's data.

  1. Exit the Verbum Bible App.
  2. Navigate to your Android Device's "Settings" menu.
    • Note: The exact location of this menu varies by device, but can usually be accessed from your Applications List.
  3. Locate the Applications menu.
  4. Choose "Manage Applications".
  5. Locate and tap the Verbum Bible App.
  6. Tap the "Clear Data" button.
    • Note: This also erases any downloaded books for Offline Viewing. They will need to be re-downloaded when you log back in.
  7. Re-open the Verbum Bible App and sign in with the correct account.


This problem can be avoided by always making sure you use the same email to access any of your Verbum applications or web pages. If you're unsure which email you have on file with us, feel free to call Customer Service, and we will help you identify the correct address.

If you know the correct address, but it is no longer valid, you can change it by logging into your Account from a computer, and clicking the "Edit your profile" link.


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