Problems with Verbum Setup or Updating Verbum


You may receive one of the following errors when attempting to update or install Verbum Bible Software:

    • From VerbumSetup: "Unable to download a required file"

    • From within Verbum: "A download or update was found, but did not download or install."

    • VerbumSetup process merely hangs without progressing for a significant amount of time (more than 30 minutes).

    • VerbumSetup ends prematurely and is not visible in Task Manager.

This problem occurs when Verbum or VerbumSetup is unable to download resources or the individual installers necessary to install Verbum.

Tip: Reboot
Sometimes this error can appear if the Microsoft's Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) has been temporarily disabled. To resolve this possibility, reboot your computer before proceeding.

Common Solutions

Solution 1: Verify Windows Update is not running

Please ensure Windows Update is not currently checking for, downloading, or installing an update when running VerbumSetup.exe. Allow Windows to download and install all updates prior to installing Verbum.

Learn how to see if Windows Update is currently running in Windows 10 here and Windows 8.1 here.

Solution 2: Make sure your computer is plugged in

Windows 10's Battery saver setting disables certain features that use increased energy. This can conflict with VerbumSetup'ability to download required files. Turn the feature off or plug your computer into an outlet will eliminate this behavior.

Solution 3: Verify your CPU

Verify that the System type on the computer is not "64-bit operating system, ARM-based processor". Windows 10 Home or Professional are able to run x86 applications on ARM-based CPUs, but there is not (and nor will there be) an x86 version of Verbum 9.

  1. Right-click the icon.
  2. Click System.
  3. Under Device specifications look for System type
  4. The System type should say, "64-bit operating system, x64-based processor". Verbum 9 does not currently support "64-bit operating system, ARM-based processor" system types.

Currently the only options for those on ARM-based processors with Verbum 9 is to use Verbum on the web .

Less Common Solutions

Solution 1: Disable Metered Downloading

Confirm that the connection to the internet is not metered within Windows.

  1. Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks.
  2. Select your Wi-Fi network > Properties
  3. Under Metered connection toggle Set as metered connection to Off.


Solution 2: BITS Troubleshooting

Verbum uses Microsofts' BITS to download necessary files to support and install Verbum. If the above solutions do not resolve the issue, it may be possible the BITS service has been damaged, is overloaded, or is disabled. Use BITSAdmin to check the BITS' current status.

BITSAdmin Utility:

  1. Click the Start menu .

  2. Type in cmd.exe.

  3. Right-click on cmd.exe.

  4. Choose Run as administrator.

  5. Type: BITSADMIN /LIST and hit enter.


This will display one of three possible results:

Result 1

A list of Jobs appears

If you receive a list of "jobs", we know BITS is enabled, but if that list contains more than 50 items it's possible that it has become overloaded. We can clear the list to resolve this.
In most cases, overloaded downloads are stuck in a "suspended" or "error" state and will not download on their own anyway. Type the command:

BITSAdmin /list 

Then press Enter/Return to view a list of current BITS download "jobs" .


If you see over 50 jobs you may need to run the following to command to clear the BITS jobs:

 BITSAdmin /reset 


We recommend check for and install updates via Windows Update after resetting BITS jobs. If you receive an error downloading Windows updates speak with a Windows certified technician.

Result 2


After running the bitsadmin /list command the Command Prompt may stop responding and will not accept user input.

This may indicate a problem with the BITS service. Running the winsock reset (see below) command and restarting the computer may fix this problem.

Reset the winsock catalog

If the download process hangs and provides no error messages, resetting the computer's network adapter may be necessary. This is done by opening a Command Prompt as an administrator (see Using BITSAdmin above) and running the following command:

netsh winsock reset


Restart the computer and run BITSAdmin /list in Command Prompt one more time.

If there are still no results there is a chance the BITS service may have been damaged by a malware attack or disabled by your administrator in order to control what updates your computer receives.

You will you will need to contact your network administrator, computer manufacturer, or Microsoft for assistance repairing or enabling BITS before you will be able to use the Verbum.

Result 3

BITS generates a Transient Error

If you receive a Transient Error when running bitsadmin /list you will want to obtain a set of "verbose" BITSadmin logs. Copy and paste the following command into the command prompt and hit enter:

bitsadmin /list /verbose > "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\bitsverbose.txt"

The BITSadmin verbose logs are located in your Documents folder with the name bitsverbose.txt. Use the contents of the log to find the specific error number.

You can use this to investigate what is causing the transient error in Windows' BITS service, or provide this information to a computer technician to help them troubleshoot the problem for you.

Solution 3: Allow Setup through the Firewall

If you use the Windows Firewall, these steps will help you "allow" Verbum to communicate with the Verbum servers to update Verbum or Verbum resources.

  1. Download VerbumSetup.exe from the install page here and save it to your Desktop.

  2. Click the Start menu in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen.

  3. Click the gear icon on the left.

  4. In the Find a setting field type firewall.

  5. Select Allow an app through Windows Firewall.

  6. Click Change Settings and Allow another program...

  7. If Verbum Bible Software is not listed, click Browse... and locate the Verbum.exe file.

    Default Location: C:\Users\your name\AppData\local\Verbum\Verbum.exe

  8. Click Add.

  9. Verbum Bible Software" will now appear in the list.


  10. Click "OK" to apply the changes and retry the Verbum download.

Solution 4: Allow Setup through additional third Firewalls

(See Also: Using Verbum with Security Software)

Third-party security software may vary, but the general principles are the same.

Look for a "Settings", "Options" or "Firewall" menu, then open the "Allowed Programs", "Exceptions" or similar menu to add Verbum.exe and/or VerbumSetup.exe to the exceptions list. If you need more specific help with a third-party security software you can contact the creator of the software for more specific instructions on how to allow program exceptions.

Solution 5: Allow VerbumSetup through a Proxy

If you connect to the internet through a large Campus or Office network, it is possible you connect through a Proxy. Proxy Settings are usually controlled by your Network Administrator. You can enter proxy setting information into the Sign in window for Verbum on Windows.

  1. Hold the Control key down before and while you open Verbum.

  2. Keep Control held down until the sign in window appears.

  3. Click Proxy Settings and enter your proxy information.

Solution 5(a): Turn off Windows' Proxy

Even if you don't have a proxy setup by a network administrator, it's possible Windows' proxy has been enabled in Windows. Whether you recall enabling it there or not it is worth checking.

  1. Click the Start menu.

  2. Click the "gear" icon.

  3. Click Network & Internet.

  4. Click Proxy on the left.

  5. Make sure under Manual proxy setup" that Use a proxy server is set to off.

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