Report Typos in Verbum


How to Report Errors in Verbum Resources

We strive to ensure all Verbum resources are typo and error-free; however, if you do come across an error, Verbum makes it easy to report for review and repair. Follow the steps below to inform Verbum that one of your books has a misspelled word, punctuation error or incorrect hyperlink.

This article applies to both Windows and Mac.

  1. Go to Tools | Program Settings and verify that Use Internet is set to Yes.
  2. Select and right-click on the text you wish to report . For more than one word, drag to select the words, then right-click in the selected text.
  3. Choose "Selection" on the right side of the context menu and choose "Report typo" on the right side.
  4. Enter the corrected word(s) in the "Should be:" field, include explanatory comments (optional), and click "Submit."


Non-Book Typos

If you are not able to report the typo as described above, i.e., in a media resource or in Bible Facts, email your report to Verbum Feedback.

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