Missing Resources | Checking internet Connection

Confirming Internet Settings are Set for Automatic Updates

Solution: Check Internet Connection

Verbum Bible Software should download resources automatically. If this has not occurred, please verify you have internet access, be sure to check your antivirus and firewall settings, and follow the steps below.

Tip: Using WiFi?
If you connect to the internet wirelessly, consider connecting through an Ethernet cable instead before proceeding. This type of connection is more stable and has fewer variables to compete with.

Check Verbum download settings:

  • Go to Tools > Program Settings.
  • Set "Automatically Download Updates" to "Yes".
  • Set the range to "between Midnight and Midnight".
  • Restart Verbum and wait for a download to begin.

When downloading begins, we should see the Verbum Indexer appear in the System Tray or Apple Menu Bar, by the computer's clock. Hover over the icon to see the current download progress and size.

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