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What to do if you cannot find a book in Verbum Bible


One or more resources are missing in the Verbum Bible, Verbum, Biblia, FaithLife Study Bible or Faithlife EBooks app for iPhone and iPad.


Books are listed, but cannot be opened.


Solution 1: Verify Internet Access

The Verbum Bible app is primarily "cloud-based", meaning resources, search results and many other features are internet-dependent. Be sure your device has an active internet connection before opening the app to ensure all features and resources are available.

If you did not have internet access when the app was opened, switch your device to "Airplane Mode", then back again to refresh the connection.

In some cases, it may be necessary to manually restart the app:

Manually Restarting the App

  • Close the app by pressing the "Home" button on your device.
  • Open the background apps tray by double-pressing the "Home" button.
  • Tap the Verbum app to completely close the app.
  • Make sure you have internet access.
  • Open the Verbum app from your home screen.

Solution 2: Verify Account Details

Understanding What Resources Should Be Available

The Verbum mobile apps display resources based on the account that is signed into the app. Resources will vary by account as follows.

Account Type Available Resources
No Verbum.com Account Very limited free resources (about 30)
None downloadable
Verbum.com Account
No Purchases
More free resources (about 60)
None downloadable
Verbum.com Account
With Purchases
More free resources (about 60),
Plus any owned, mobile capable* resources
Owned resources are downloadable

*Some older resources may not be available on mobile devices, based on their current distribution agreement with Verbum. To see if a resource is mobile capable, check the product page for "Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile" above the price (example).

Verifying the Active Account

If you feel you are missing resources, based on the above table, please verify you are logged in with the same account used to purchase them:

  • From the app, tap the Menu button.
  • Tap the Help button.
  • Look for "Account".

Your account email address should be listed. If it is not, tap "Sign in". If the wrong address is listed, proceed to Solution 3.

Solution 3: Re-Install the App

If your resources are still not visible, or if the wrong account is listed, reinstall with the instructions below.

Reinstalling the Verbum App

  • On your device, press and hold the app icon until all your icons begin to "wiggle."
  • Tap the "X" in the top corner of the Verbum App icon and select "Delete."
  • The app icon will disappear.
  • Press the "Home" button on your device to stop the other icons from "wiggling."
  • The app is now uninstalled; any saved user info and downloaded books are removed from your device.
  • Reinstall from the installation page or App Store

Any book you previously downloaded will attempt to re-download when you sign into the app.

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