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 Frequently Asked Questions about Verbum Bible Software on Android

What devices support the Verbum Mobile apps for Android?

The Verbum Mobile apps are compatible with most Android Tablets and Phones that run Android 4.x or newer and support the "Google Play" or "Amazon App Store" marketplaces. Verbum does not officially support rooted devices.


Do I have to be a Verbum customer to use the Mobile apps?

Most of our mobile apps are free for anyone to use and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Amazon App Store. However, if you're already a Verbum user on Windows or Mac, the app will give you access to books from your Verbum library.


How much do the apps cost?

Our mobile apps are free to download from their respective marketplaces, but can be enhanced with additional books by linking to a Verbum.com Account with purchases.


I want to buy an Android Device. What size should I buy?

Since the mobile apps access your books from the internet, there are no restrictions as to what size you have to buy in order to use the app, but some devices may require a "microSD" card to install applications.


What version of Android does the app require?

Please see our release notes for supported versions of Android.


Do I have to register my account?

No, but the benefit of registered users is the ability to access an additional 30 free books for customers who don’t have Verbum, or access to your desktop library collection for existing Verbum users.


Do I need to be connected to internet for the app to work?

Yes and no. You will need to be connected to the internet via your cell phone service provider or Wi-Fi to access all the features and resources of the app. We currently offer limited offline reading support for owned resources when you are not able to access the internet. To learn how to download a book for offline reading, please click here.


I have a Verbum base package. Will I be able to see all my books in the Verbum Bible Software app?

Yes. All resources in the Verbum collections are available for mobile.


Which books are compatible with my Android Device?

You can browse through all Android compatible books and filter the list as needed. In addition to that, you can use the search bar on Verbum.com to search for a specific title. If a title is mobile enabled, a mobile phone badge will display on the page.

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