Add Quotations to Your Homily

While writing Homilies in Verbum, you can include quotations from your Verbum Library using the Quotations Sidebar.

Note: Available in packages Silver and above.


1. Open a Homily Document.

From the Docs menu, open a new or existing Homily Document.

Open A Sermon Document

Note: You can also open Homily Manager from the Tools menu and locate a homily document from within the Manager.

2. Select the Quotations Sidebar.

Select the Quotations Quotes icon sidebar and search for a quotation from your Verbum Library.

Popular Quotes


3. Filter or view quotation details (optional).

To filter your search by a particular author, click the author’s name on any card.

Limit By Author


To view quotation details, click Source. To open any source, click the hyperlinked title.

Limit By Source


4. Insert the quotation.

Click and drag any quotation to add it to your homily and create a slide automatically.

Drag Quote

Note: As with any other slide in your homily presentation, you can customize the style of quotation slides to fit your needs.

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