Homily Import

In Verbum 10 and higher, you can import Microsoft Word .docx files into the Homily Manager tool to bring homily content into Verbum.

Note: Available in packages Silver and above.


Note: Verbum can import homilies on the Desktop app or the Web app at app.verbum.com.

Format Your Homily

Verbum can import .docx files only. If you have files in another format (e.g., txt, pdf), first export or convert your file(s) into .docx.

Verbum will attempt to honor text styles and colors upon import.

  • The import will generate slides for any Microsoft Word heading.
  • During the import process, Verbum will also parse Scripture references and tag them when applicable.
  • The import will match your colors, text formatting, and font sizes as closely as possible.

Note: The Verbum import does not currently display images, tables, and hyperlinks.

Import Your Homily

Open the Homiliy Manager.

Open the Tools menu and open the Homily Manager.

Open Sermon Manager

Open the Homily Manager in Verbum.

Import Homily Document(s)

  1. Open the more options menu Kebab Vertical icon and choose Import.

    Open The Import Dialogue Box

  2. Click Choose files.

    Import Sermon Files

  3. Select any file(s) on your computer and click Open to begin the import.

    Choose Sermons From Your Computer

    Note: You can choose to bring in a single .docx file to create a single homily or multiple .docx files to create multiple Homily Documents.

Customize Homily Imports

If you imported a single homily, the document will open within Homily Builder once the import has been completed.

View Imported Sermon Document

Note: If you imported multiple homilies, Homily Manager will highlight those imported Homily Documents.

Customize any imported homily by creating slides for non-heading text, inserting Scripture references, updating the Homily metadata, and more!

Learn more about using the Homily Builder to style and edit your homilies.

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