Auto Translate Resources

You can automatically translate the text of your resources into more than a hundred languages in the right-hand Translation panel, opening up a whole new world of resources.

Note: Available in packages Gold and above.

Note: The translation feature is only available online and is subject to a monthly usage limit. You can view how much of your monthly limit is remaining by hovering over the wheel in the top right corner of the Translation panel.

Translate a Resource

Open the resource you want to translate and click the Sidebar icon Sidebar icon.

Open Translation Panel


Select a language from the dropdown to instantly translate the resource into that language.

Open Translation Panel


The translation panel automatically links to your resource, so it continues to translate as you scroll. You can copy the entire contents of the translation panel by clicking the Copy icon Copy icon or close the translation panel by clicking the Sidebar icon Sidebar icon.


Translate Selected Text

If you only want to translate a selection of text rather than the whole resource, click and drag across the text you want to translate to access the Selection Menu. Click the Translate icon Translate icon to translate the selected text. You can then select a language from the language dropdown. Then, the Translation panel will display a prose translation of the selected text in the target language.

Open Translation Panel


You can also translate selected text from the Context Menu. Simply click and drag to select the text, right-click your selection, choose Selection or Reference (Bibles only), and then Translate.

Open Translation Panel


When a single word is selected for translation, the Translation panel shows a dictionary definition of that word in the target language.

Note: Not all language pairs support the dictionary definition.

Open Translation Panel

Note: Only published resources, not personal books or documents, can be translated. Translation requests are routed through Faithlife servers, so no personal data - not even your IP address - is sent to the translation providers. Faithlife always logs the translation request size to ensure users don’t exceed their limits. Depending on your feedback settings, we may also record which part of which resource was translated into which language. This data is used to help us to improve the service for all users.

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