How Do I Cite Verbum?

Verbum does the citation work for you, including identifying page numbers and generating complete footnotes and bibliographic entries following a variety of style guides. Create a bibliography or export notes and footnotes directly to a word processor document.

Learn how to find page numbers in your resources here: Desktop | Mobile
Learn how to create a bibliography from within Verbum here.


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Export Citations to a Word Processor Document

Change Your Citation Style Settings

Cite Resources and Features Without Page Numbers


Export Citations to a Word Processor Document

One of the simplest ways of capturing and citing information is by copying it to an external word processor.

  1. Select some text from a resource and copy it.

    Copy from selection menu


  2. Paste it into a word processor document or other application. By default, Verbum includes the citation anytime you copy and paste a selection into another application.

    Paste citation into word processor document


You can also create a bibliography from within Verbum. Click here to learn how.


Change Your Citation Style Settings

Citation formatting is controlled from program settings and the citation style option.

  1. Click the Panel Menu icon and select program settings.

    Open program settings


  2. Scroll down to citation style.

    Citation style in program settings


  3. Select your preferred citation style from the citation style dropdown menu.

    Choose a citation style


  4. You can also control whether the citations include hyperlinks and footnotes.

    citation settings for hyperlinks and footnotes


Cite Resources and Features Without Page Numbers

When your resource or feature does not include page numbers, you can still export the information and record the citation.

  1. Open the desired resource or feature.
  2. Click the panel menu icon and select print/export.

    Print or export menu option


  3. Your exported information will automatically include a date and timestamp.

    Citation including date and timestamp


Depending on the resource or feature, different print and export options will be available. Learn more about printing and exporting options here.

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