Verbum Mobile - Preaching Mode

Preaching Mode provides a custom view of your homily optimized for when you’re preaching. You can also use it to control your homily slides in Proclaim with the Verbum Mobile app (optional).


Build Your Homily.

Start a new homily or access an existing homily by tapping the navigation drawer Hamburger
icon, and then Homilies under the Documents section.

Click here to learn more about using the Mobile Homily Builder.

Note: On iPad you can publish your sermon to Proclaim but that isn't supported on phones.


Make sure Proclaim is On Air.

When Proclaim has finished syncing your sermon slides and your presentation is ready, click On Air in the upper right of your Proclaim window so Proclaim is ready for when you want to start preaching. This needs to be done on a desktop / laptop.


At present, the homily integration between Verbum and Proclaim is one way. Verbum sends your homily slides to Proclaim, but changes to your homily slides in Proclaim will not be reflected in Verbum.

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4. Open Preaching Mode in the Verbum Mobile App.

After preparing your homily and publishing it to Proclaim, you can view and advance your homily slides live while preaching from the Verbum mobile app. Tap the navigation drawer icon , select Preaching mode, and select your desired homily from the list.

Note: You can also run preaching mode from any web browser at or with the Verbum Desktop app. Learn more.

The homily will automatically open in Preaching Mode.

If you don’t see the slides on the left, tap the slides icon to make them visible.

Tap the text settings icon in the upper right to make changes to how your personal notes display.

To control your live Proclaim presentation, set “Control Proclaim presentation” to Yes.

Tap any slide to display it on the screen. An orange indicator to the left of the currently projected slide shows to confirm your selection. Only your slide displays—none of your personal notes show on screen.

Preaching Mode + Proclaim means you can both have your personal notes available and retain full control over each transition for your congregation.

Note: When your presentation is On Air, anytime you tap on a slide, it will override the presentation and immediately display that slide on the screen. The computer running Proclaim can, in turn, click any slide in the presentation to override your selection.

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