Verbum Mobile - Exegetical Guide

The Exegetical Guide provides a detailed analysis of the underlying Greek or Hebrew text in any Bible passage to help you understand and interpret it accurately.

Note: The Exegetical Guide requires an internet connection.

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Access the Exegetical Guide

You can open the Exegetical Guide from two locations: the Navigation Menu or the Actions Menu.

1. Navigation Menu

This is the best place to start if you’re not currently viewing the passage you want to study. Expand the Navigation Menu and tap Exegetical Guide.

Note: Opening the guide from the Navigation Menu opens your most recent Exegetical Guide. Change the passage you want to study in the input field or with the visual verse picker .

2. Actions Menu

If you’re already viewing the passage you want to study in your Bible, tap the Actions Menu icon and choose Exegetical Guide.


Use the Exegetical Guide

The mobile Exegetical Guide features four sections. It pulls from your own resources, so your results will be customized to your library.

  1. Apparatuses: access critical apparatus resources to view textual variants in your passage.
  2. Grammars: examine grammatical constructions in your passage from original language grammars in your library.
  3. Visualizations: view resources from your library that visually diagram the text, exposing the structure of your passage and helping you understand how the words and clauses relate to each other.
  4. Word by Word: preview lexical analysis of the individual words in your passage, including lemma, root, morph, and other significant word-level information. Linked lexicons and Bible dictionaries provide one-tap access to more detailed analysis.

To interact with any surfaced resource, tap the linked resource, word, or reference.

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