How do I add and manage note anchors?

When you create an anchor between your note and a location in a resource, that note becomes available to you from within the resource. You can also search and filter your notes by the text they are anchored to. This article demonstrates how to establish connections between your resources and your notes as well as how to manage these notes and connections for greater use.


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Add an anchor

Managing anchors


Add an anchor

  1. Create a note. (For instruction on creating notes, click here.)
  2. Click +Add anchor in the note panel. (You may also add an anchor by clicking the panel menu icon Kebab.svg in the note.)

  3. The dialog box gives you two options--Selected text or Reference.

    • If you only want to anchor the note to the active Bible/resource, click Selected text and Done.

      Note: Clicking Selected text will also add the text to your note.

    • If you want this note to be visible in all your Bibles, click the radio button next to Reference and type the reference you wish to anchor the note to in the dialog box. Click Done.

      Note: A note may have multiple anchors. If you wish to add additional anchors, simply repeat these steps for each anchor.

    • Anchoring a note to a Bible reference will also anchor the note to commentaries on that passage. This means that when you have a commentary open and the corresponding visual filter active, then you will see your notes in these places as well.


Managing Anchors

View all of your notes with anchors

  1. Open Notes tool by clicking Tools in the Toolbar and selecting Notes.
  2. Click the Navigation Drawer icon Hamburger.svg to reveal the various Notes filters.

    Note: Verbum remembers your last activity in this tool, so these filters may be visible when you open the tool.

  3. Scroll down until you see the heading labeled Anchor. Verbum displays available filters for your anchored notes.


View your anchors in the text

  1. In an open Bible window, click the Visual Filters icon Visual_Filters.svg. (For more about visual filters, click here.)

  2. Scroll down to Notes and Highlights and check the box.

  3. You may now see your anchored notes displayed by the corresponding icon to the left of the verse where the note is anchored.

  4. To view your note, hover on the note and/or click the note icon.


Remove an anchor (without deleting the note)

  1. Open the note you wish to edit.
  2. Hover on the anchor you wish to delete. An X appears in the upper right corner of the anchor. Click the X to delete the anchor.

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