Report a problem

If you encounter a problem in Verbum Bible Software, please let us know so we can correct it. There are several ways you can report various types of problems.


Report Problems Using the “Report Typo” Feature

You can report typos and other issues in your resources right in Verbum Bible Software by selecting the problem text and choosing “Report typo” from the right-click (context) menu. See this step-by-step example for help. If the error is in a location that can’t be selected, like a footnote, select the closest text and explain the problem in the comments box.

Report Problems by Email

General Data Problems

General data problems that cannot easily be reported in the software itself with the “Report typo” feature can be reported by sending an email to You can use this address to report problems with the software, like certain features not working properly or incorrect data. Include screenshots, or screen captures  if possible using a tool like Greenshot, Monosnap or LICEcap.

To suggest an enhancement to the software, see the “Make a Suggestion” section below.

Specific Problems

If you encounter bugs or errors in our syntax databases, send an email to and explain the problem. Other data problems with Bible Facts can be sent to Problems with reverse interlinears can be sent to

Make a Suggestion

If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement to the software, suggest it at UserVoice, where you can also vote on other users’ suggestions and help shape the future of Verbum Bible Software! Our community forums are another great place to discuss feature ideas with other users.

To suggest a book that you would like to see available in Verbum format, suggest it at UserVoice.

Get Help

If you experience an error or "crash" in the software, we want to hear from you. Please follow the  instructions for Windows or instructions for Mac.

Visit the forums

Report problems and ask for help anytime in our community forums. These are monitored by the support department during office hours and our power-users from all over the world who will be happy to lend a hand.

Verbum Support

For more help, please visit our Support and Training pages or contact our customer service department at or 800-875-6467.

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