Report a problem

If you encounter a problem in Verbum Bible Software, please let us know so we can correct it. There are several ways you can report various types of problems.

Report Resource Typos

Click here to learn how to report a a typo within Verbum on macOS or Windows, and click here to learn how to report a typo within Verbum on Android.

Typos cannot be reported in Verbum on iOS, iPadOS or

Report Problems by Email

General Data Problems

General data or textual problems that cannot be reported directly from within in the software via the “Report typo” feature can be reported by sending an email to

Use this contact method to report problems with Logos, like incorrect data or typos that cannot be reported within the "report typo" feature. Please include a clear description of what you are seeing and what you are expecting.Please include screenshots, or screen captures.

  • Learn how to take a screenshot in Windows here, and how to take a video recording here.
  • Learn how to take a screenshot in macOS here and how to take a video recording here.

Specific Problems

If you encounter bugs or errors in our syntax databases, send an email to and explain the problem. Other data problems with Bible Facts can be sent to Problems with reverse interlinears can be sent to

Get Help

We have an active and thriving community that help each other learn how to get the most out of Verbum, and support articles that address specific problems you might come across.

Visit the forums

Report problems and ask for help anytime in our community forums.

Support articles

Click here for our support articles that will help you with a wide range of topics.

Make a Suggestion

Click here to learn how make a suggestion.

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