Websites won't open from links from Verbum Bible Software

Troubleshooting Problems With Links to Internet Content From Verbum


Clicking on an external link in Verbum does not open the web browser. This could occur when clicking "more info" for a blog article on the Home Page, or when clicking one of the web resources in the Passage Guide, etc.

This occurs when the Default Web Browser setting is not properly set in Windows.

Solution 1:

This problem can often be resolved by simply opening your Internet Browser, going to the Options menu and resetting it as your Default Browser, or by installing a new Default Browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, etc.

If that does not work, continue to Solution 2.

Solutions 2:

If Solution 1 did not work, you may need to reset the necessary file types and/or protocols manually. Please follow the appropriate instructions below.

  • Go to Start: Control Panel.
  • Select Default Programs.

  • Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program".
  • Browse the list of extensions for ".htm"and double-click it.
  • Set the "Current Default" to your preferred Web Browser (example: Internet Explorer).
  • Repeat this step for ".html".
  • Browse the list of protocols (near the bottom) for "HTTP" and "HTTPS".
  • Set the "Current Default" to your preferred Web Browser (example: Internet Explorer).

Retry the external link in Verbum. It should work now.

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