The Groups tool allows you to interact with your Faithlife Groups from within Verbum.


Get Started

  1. Click Tools > Social > Groups, or click Tools and type groups into the Tools menu and select it when it appears. The Groups tool will open in a new tab or panel. 
  1. The Groups tool displays the activity, notifications, community notes, messages, or calendar from each of your Groups. You can view each of these categories by clicking them at the top of the Groups panel. You can view content aggregated from all your groups, or filter it by Group. To view content from a single Group, click the Groups dropdown menu and select the Group you want to view.



Choose News, Community Notes, or Documents 


You can choose whether to display news, community notes, or documents by clicking the dropdown menu below the Faithlife group hyperlink, which reads News by default.

  • Select News to view recent posts from other members of the group.

  • Select Community Notes to see comments group members have made to share within resources.

  • Click by Recent to switch between sorting notes by Book, or by Recent.

  • Select Documents

     to view any documents that have been shared with the group.


Post to a Group

You can use the Groups tool to post to any of your Faithlife Groups.

  1. Select the Group you want by clicking the Groups drop-down menu and making a selection. 

  1. Click the Pencil icon  in the upper right corner of the Groups tool panel. A text box will appear.

  2. Type your post in the text box, then click Post. 



Open the Groups tool in Verbum



Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Groups

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