Reading Lists

Reading Lists are lists of resources created and shared by other users via the Logos Wiki. These user-curated lists, which cover particular topics and themes, are editable by any Logos user and fully searchable from within Logos and through the Wiki. Find a list to direct your study or create a list for your class, and check off the specified passages as you progress.


Note: Changes you make to a reading list will affect what all users see, not just what you see. Reading Lists are community lists, not your own personal lists.


Search Available Reading Lists

To browse available reading lists:

  1. Click Tools > Reference > Reading Lists. Click more>> to expand the list.
  2. Click a topic to view the reading list.




  1. Click article links to open the resources in your Library

Note: Resources with a lock icon  next to them are not currently in your Library. Clicking one of these resources will open a panel with information about the it, a link to purchase, and some page previews.




Resources with a check box next to them are available in your Library. Select this box when you have finished reading the article to track your progress.


Edit an Existing Reading List

  1. Open a Reading List. Click Edit at the top of the Reading List panel. This will open a link to the Logos Wiki in your default web browser.



  1. Click Edit in the top right hand corner of the page and follow the pattern of the existing entries to add additional ones.




Note: If there are no items listed yet, look at some other reading lists to get ideas on how to organize them.


Add an Article to a Reading List

  1. To add a specific Verbum article to a reading list, open the article in Verbum.


  1. In the panel with the open article, click the Resource Panel menu icon, then select RL after “Copy location as.”


This will copy the location of the article to your clipboard. You can then paste this into the reading list you’re editing. It will look something like this: 


[[Page v >>]] | Albert and Thomas: Selected Writings


When you save your changes, the link will look like this:


Page v | Albert and Thomas: Selected Writings


Create a New Reading List

If there is no Reading List section for the topic you’re working on, follow these steps to add one:

  1. Click Edit in the top right corner of the Logos Wiki page.


  1. Paste the following text into the bottom of the code box:

!! Reading List
  {{?set section::readinglist}}
  {{?set author::Your Name}}


  1. Replace “Your Name” with your first and last name.


  1. Add links to your chosen articles as previously described. To get some ideas on content and formatting, see some existing reading lists like: Magnificat, Septuagint, and Kenosis.



Open the Reading List Tool in Verbum



Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Reading Lists 

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