A plan in the Courses tool is any sequence of readings and activities that is intended to teach you about the subject in its title. The Courses tool, which can be accessed by clicking Tools > Reference > Courses, delivers both a list of plans and the content of each plan in one panel.




The Courses tool consists of two panels:

  • The Plans screen, which lists all started, completed, and available plans;

  • The plan content screen, which shows the content of a selected plan.


All Plans Panel




The All Plans panel displays all of the learning plans that are available to you. The screen has a sidebar for selecting plans based on their properties, a toolbar with a Find box, and a list of plans, broken into the following categories:

  • Started — shows any learning plans you are currently learning from. When you first open the Courses tool, this list won’t appear, because you haven’t started any plans.


  • Completed — shows all learning plans you’ve completed, if any. "Completed" in this context means you’ve looked at every portion of content contained within the learning plan.


  • Recommended for You — shows learning plans we recommend for you, if any. (A plan is recommended because it should probably be taken by everyone, not based on your viewing history or learning plan activity.)


  • Available — shows all of the learning plans available to you.


  • Partially Unavailable — shows all of the learning plans available to you for which you lack some of the resources required to complete the course.


  • Unavailable — shows all of the learning plans which you either have not purchased (such as Logos Mobile Ed courses), or those for which you own none of the required resources.


Note: You can still browse the course outline for these learning plans.


Find a Learning Plan

Use the Find box at the top of the panel to search the list of learning plans to find those that focus on particular authors or themes.


Use the sidebar on the left to filter the list of plans by their properties. For example, to find all plans that have an estimated average session length of 20 minutes, click 20 minutes underneath the Average Session Length heading in the sidebar.


Learning Plan Content Screen




Evaluate a Learning Plan

Once you find a plan that looks interesting, click its title to open the contents/detail screen. The plan will not be “Started” until you click Start to show the first reading. Until then, you can view the outline for the plan (but not its content) and read the plan description to decide whether you want to start the plan.


If you don’t want to start this plan, you can click All Plans on the Courses panel toolbar to go back to the All Plans screen. If you narrowed the results using the Find box, click the left arrow on the panel toolbar to return to your filtered list of courses.  


Start a Learning Plan

Once you’ve decided on a plan, you can choose a schedule by clicking at my own pace to reveal a list of pacing options.




Learning plans are divided into a set number of sessions, which consist of one or more content screens for you to interact with. A session refers to the chunk of content that is meant for one sitting. Unlike Reading Plans, which distribute the contents of a book across a predetermined schedule, the Courses tool does the opposite: A given set of predetermined session boundaries are distributed along the calendar based on your preferred study schedule.


Clicking Start begins the learning plan.


Notice that the first item in the table of contents is called Start the plan before you’ve started it, and Plan Details thereafter. The last page of a started plan is called End/Stats, which displays progress statistics.


Learning Plan Outline/Schedule Sidebar

The left sidebar of a learning plan shows all of the content covered by the learning plan from beginning to end. If you set a schedule for the plan, this pane will display dates corresponding to the schedule you chose. If you didn’t set a schedule, you’ll only see the list of headings in the learning plan.


The first reading will be colored orange, and indicated with an orange dot in the right margin of the outline. The orange dot indicates your current position within the plan’s schedule. It is the "You are here" indicator for the plan.


The right margin of the learning plan outline indicates your progress in the course by marking each item in the outline with an icon:

  • An orange dot image-4.png signals your current location.

  • A progress ring image-5.png will be displayed if a section is partially complete.

  • A green checkmark image-6.png shows which items have been completed.

  • A gray lock icon image-7.png represents content from resources you don’t yet have a license to.

    • NOTE: If you open a learning plan and most of the items in the outline have a lock icon, you won’t be able to view all the lesson content until you purchase the required resources.


You can use the table of contents to access plan content out of order. Items that you skip won’t be marked as done until you go back and complete them.


The outline is resizable by dragging its right edge. The navigation menu icon toggles the navigation sidebar.


Learning Plan Content View

The main content of a learning plan is shown on the right of the panel. You should notice a blue Continue button in the upper right corner of the panel. A content screen is marked as done when you click Continue to leave the view and load the next one.


Many learning plans in the Courses tool consist of excerpts from multiple resources. The top of a content screen shows the title of the resource the content comes from. Click on this title to open the resource in a new panel (if, for example, you want to read more context than the presented excerpt in the learning plan shows). Each screen will show only the excerpt required for the learning plan.


Learning plans in the Courses tool may show several kinds of content excerpts:

  • Resource excerpts — portions of books in your Library. You can right-click within these resources to get information, highlight, and take notes.

  • Video and text — certain courses have paired text and video lectures, the video lecture appears in the top pane and the text appears in the bottom pane.

  • Previews of locked resources — if the excerpt in a learning plan comes from a resource you don’t own, you’ll see a preview screen (usually with a link to buy the resource) instead.

  • Links to tools — some learning plans have links to Self Tests or Guides. Click the link to open that tool.


Use the back and forward arrow buttons on the right of the panel toolbar to navigate in the panel history.


Note: These buttons don’t advance to the next reading or session.


When you have continued through all of the content screens in a single session, you have completed the session. You will see a Congratulations! screen that shows how much of this session you have completed (usually 100%, unless you have been skipping around), and how much of the learning plan as a whole you have completed.


Open the Courses tool in Verbum


Additional Resources

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