Visual Filters

Use Visual Filters to automatically highlight features in a resource. Note: You can create custom Visual Filters using the Visual Filter document.


Get Started

  1. Open the resource you want to study.


  1. Click the Visual Filters icon image-0.png in the resource panel toolbar. Available filters are listed in categories (available Visual Filters will vary depending on the type of resource).


Filter Types 




  • Resource — Highlights features based on data embedded in the resource.


  • Community Notes — Displays community note icons for notes posted in your groups.


  • Media — Displays media icons when media exists for the text.


  • Corresponding Notes and Highlights — Displays notes and highlights from other resources.


  • Notes and Highlights — Displays note icons and highlights where they have been added to text.


  • Passage Lists — Lists your Passage List documents and applies a filter to the Bible listing only the passages from the document, similar to the Inline Search display.


  • Reading Plans — Marks the starting and stopping points in your Reading Plans.


  • Visual Filters — Highlights text in a resource according to a Visual Filter document you’ve created.


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Visual Filters


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