Multiple Resources

Open two or more resources in parallel in the same panel using the Multiple Resources feature.




Get Started

  1. Open a resource you want to study. (The first resource you open serves as the “host” resource).


  1. Click the Multiple Resources icon image-2.png in the resource panel menu. A drop-down menu will appear displaying a list of resources. Check the box beside one or more additional “guest” resources you want to display.


  1. Check the box beside Show Multiple Resources at the top of the drop-down menu. The resources you’ve selected will appear in the panel alongside the host resource. If you navigate or scroll in the host resource, the “guest” resources will follow. However, if you scroll in a “guest” resource, the “host” resource will remain in the same location.


Display Options

  • Toggle Multiple Resources by clicking the Multiple Resources icon image-1.png then checking or unchecking the box beside Show Multiple Resources, or by pressing Cmd+Shift+M (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+M (Windows).


  • You can view Multiple Resources in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Select either Columns or Stacked in the Multiple Resources drop-down menu.


Advanced Features

The Parallel Resources feature allows you to quickly apply Visual Filters, Inline Interlinears, and Inline Searches to several resources at once. To do so, add them to a Multiple Resources panel, then select the filter or panel tool you want to apply.


Additional Resources

Verbum Help: Multiple Resources


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