Sentence Diagram

Use Sentence Diagrammer in Verbum to create diagrams of biblical passages.


Insert Text

  1. You can create a new Sentence Diagram by clicking Docs > New > Sentence Diagram. (Sentence Diagrams you’ve already created will appear in the main pane of the Docs menu.

Note: You can also access the Sentence Diagram tool via the Tools menu.

  1. Begin by adding the text you want to diagram. Click Insert passage, enter the verse range you want, and select the Bible version you want to use.
  2. You can choose to insert the text from your passage for a Line Diagram (each word in the passage is treated as an individual item) or a Text Flow Diagram. (words are clustered until you separate them).
  3. Finally, you can choose whether you want to include an alternate text to display along with your primary. To view alternate text options, click Gloss and select from the drop-down menu (if your selected Bible is in English, you will see Manuscript instead of Gloss).


For example, inserting Greek text with gloss line will result in an interlinear text. (You can always choose to display or hide the alternate text.)



  1. Click Insert.



The Sentence Diagram builder allows you to format your document using the toolbar; draw, enter text, or drag and drop diagram elements from the left sidebar; and manipulate the text and diagrams in the diagramming window.



  • The Page menu allows you to change the margins, page size, and orientation of the diagram document.
  • The Display menu allows you to choose whether to display informal lines, shape handles (showing where elements begin and end), as well as different options for displaying your primary  and alternate texts.
  • The Text menu provides options for changing the font, size, color, and alignment of the text.




  • The Select icon . When this is selected, clicking a line or word will select it.


  • The Text icon . When this icon is selected, click anywhere in the diagram to type text.


  • The Drawing icon . When this is selected, click and draw a free-form line anywhere in the diagram.


  • The Line icon . When this is selected, click and draw a straight line anywhere in the diagram.


  • Diagram elements. Drag these anywhere in your diagram. Note that these will snap to other diagram elements.


  • Left-to-right and Right-to-left . These buttons allow you to toggle between right-to-left languages (Hebrew) and left-to-right languages (e.g. English, Greek).


Diagram Window

You can drag and drop elements from the left sidebar as well as text within the main diagramming window. Lines and text are designed to snap into place when you place them adjacent to another element. To manipulate diagram elements and text:

  1. Hover over the item which you want to change.


  1. Blue and white shape handles will appear. Use the blue handles to change the length or point of intersection of a line. Use the white handle to move the element.



Share Your Sentence Diagram

You can share your sentence diagram with your Faithlife Groups by clicking the Sentence Diagram panel menu icon and selecting Manage document sharing. This will open your document in the online Verbum Document Manager, with different options for sharing or collaborating with one or more of your Groups.



Print or Export a Sentence Diagram

You can export or print your sentence diagram by clicking the Sentence Diagram panel menu icon and selecting Print/Export. You can also press Cmd+P (Mac) or Ctrl+P (Windows). A print dialog will open providing options to print or export your sentence diagram.


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