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The Commentaries guide section links to all of the commentaries in your Library that address the passage you've entered. As a Bible Reference Guide, you can add this section to any guide that is keyed to a passage of scripture (such as a Passage Guide, a Sermon Starter Guide, or an Exegetical Guide). As with all Guide sections in Verbum, it can also be opened as a stand-alone Guide.


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Run the Guide

    1. Click Guides, then begin typing Commentaries in the Guides menu search box and select the Commentaries option. Alternatively, click Guides > Bible Reference Guides > Commentaries.

    2. Enter the reference you want to study in the search box and press Enter.


Use the Guide

At the top of the Guide, you'll find a series of options for how to arrange the commentaries in your results. These categories are especially helpful if you have a lot of commentaries in your Library and are only interested in seeing results from a particular era or commentaries geared toward a particular task (such as exegesis or exposition).


Your sort options include:

  • Priority organizes your results by the order you've set in your prioritized resources.
  • Series organizes your results alphabetically by series title.
  • Author displays the authors of your commentaries alphabetically, grouping all titles by an author together.
  • Denomination groups commentaries by the denominational affiliation of their author (if known).
  • Type gathers your commentaries into groups based on their purpose (such as application or exegesis).
  • Era uses each commentary's original publication date to group them by era (contemporary, modern, etc.).

Expand any of the sort categories to view all the commentaries that fit within it, and click any commentary's title to open it to the relevant section in a new panel. You can also right-click within the listed commentaries to reveal options to Expand or Collapse All of the displayed commentary results.

A maximum of ten commentaries in each section are displayed by default. To see additional resources, click More >> at the bottom of your results. This option remains available until all of the commentaries in your Library are displayed.

You can also add a note on the guide by clicking + Add note at the bottom. This opens a note field below your results in which you can record what you've discovered by reading various commentaries, or simply a note to yourself regarding the resources in your Library. These notes are saved in the Notes Tool with an anchor to this instance of the Commentaries guide section. To edit the note's anchors, text formatting, or other features, click the icon beside the note and select Open in Notes.


Customize Your Results

The collection is set to search All Commentaries by default, but you can restrict results in the Commentaries guide section to a specific collection or series. To do so,

  1. Hover over the top of the guide section and click Settings.
  2. Select the collection or series you want to use to populate the guide.


By default, the top ten relevant commentaries are listed. You can adjust this from the Settings menu. Changing this number also affects the number of additional resources that will display when you click more >> at the bottom of the section. The more >> option will continue to be available until all results are displayed.


Open the Commentaries guide section in Verbum


Additional Resources

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