Link Sets

You can easily control whether panels in Verbum scroll together or independently using Link Sets. You can assign two or more resources to the same link set, or assign some tools to follow an open panel. This means you can set your preferred Bible and favorite commentary to stay in sync as you scroll through the Biblical text.

Verbum will remember link sets only when they are saved as part of a layout. Otherwise, closing a resource panel or exiting Verbum will remove any existing Link Sets. (You may be able to recover link sets by loading a Layout snapshot.

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Get Started

  1. Open two or more resources. (For example, a Bible and a whole-bible commentary.) 
  2. Click the panel menu icon of the first resource and select a letter from the Link Set options. A small icon showing that letter will appear in the tab for that resource.

    L10 Link Sets 2

  3. Click the panel menu icon of the second resource and select the same letter as the first resource.
  4. As you navigate a resource in a Link Set, all other resources in that Link Set will follow.

    Note: Some tools, such as Power Lookup, can be set to Follow your active resource. Click in the resource your want to follow, then click the panel menu icon in Power Lookup (or other tool) and select Follow.

    L10 Link Sets 1


Other Link Set Applications

  • You can link lexicons or encyclopedias together. When possible, these will follow each other by showing listings for the same words. 
  • You can link a search panel and a Bible with reverse-interlinear functionality (e.g., ESV). As you click words or phrases in the Bible, the search panel will conduct searches for your currently displayed search tab.
  • You can link Bibles to lexicons. As you click different words in the Bible, this will update the lexicon entry (assuming it has an entry for that word).
  • Linking a Bible to a Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide will update the guide as you move through the Bible.
  • Linking a Bible to a Bible Word Study Guide will update the word being studied in the Guide as you click on different words in the Bible.
  • You can include a multi-volume commentary series in a Link Set. As you move between biblical books, different commentary volumes will be swapped in. (To do so, open any volume in the commentary series and add it to the Link Set.)
  • Link a Bible with a tool, like Passage Analysis, or the Timeline tool, or the Atlas tool.

Note: some of the features outlined above require either an Original Language Bible or a Bible with reverse-interlinear functionality.


Remove a Link Set

You can remove any resource from a Link Set by clicking the panel menu icon in that resource and selecting None.

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