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What to Do If Verbum or the Verbum Indexer Crashes


When trying to use or open Verbum, the application may close unexpectedly. Depending on what exactly has caused the crash, a message advising that the app has stopped working may appear.

While this doesn't provide any specific information regarding the cause of such a crash, there are a few general responses we can apply to attempt to fix the most common causes.

Note: It is not recommended to attempt these solutions unless the problem occurs more than once. Sometimes an external variable can cause a "fluke" or one-time crash. These instructions are intended to resolve a recurring issue.

Solution 1: Update Verbum Manually

Often times updating to the latest version will fix whatever is causing Verbum to crash. To do this simply install the latest update from the installation page.

Solution 2: Verify Windows is up-to-date

Click here and choose your version of Windows from the Product drop-down menu to learn how to check for Windows updates.

Solution 3: Repair the Installation

Sometimes repairing Verbum via Windows' Repair tool in "Programs and Features" will fix what is causing the crash.

  1. Press Windows+R (the Windows key is in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard).
  2. Copy and paste appwiz.cp into the Run dialog box.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Find Verbum, right-click it and click "Repair."
  5. Allow Windows to run the install to repair the software.
  6. Open Verbum.

Solution 4: Open Verbum to a blank layout

  1. Hold the Control key down.
  2. With the Control key held down open Verbum with the Control key still being held down.
  3. When the sign in window appears click "Sign in." (Verbum should open to a blank layout)
  4. To navigate to the home page click the house icon in the top left or use Verbum as you normally would.

Still having trouble?

If these solutions do not resolve the issue, it will be necessary to collect more information about the problem. Please visit the Report a Problem page for instructions on how to collect and submit more data to troubleshoot the problem.

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