Missing Resources | Check for Resource Updates Manually


Verbum is missing a resources or multiple resources. 



Depending on the internet settings and automatic update settings enabled Verbum may not receive an update to a resource, or an update with a new resource that has been purchased. Follow the steps below to force Verbum to check for updates manually.

  1. Open Verbum.
  2. Click into the Go box top of the Verbum window.
  3. Type "Update Resources" and press Enter.

Watch for the words Checking for updates in the top-right corner of Verbum (Windows) or bottom-right corner (Mac).  This may take several minutes. Please do not attempt to use Verbum during this process. Verbum will begin to download an update if one is detected, and you may be prompted to complete the process by restarting Verbum.

After restarting Verbum the book should begin to download automatically.


Scanning Resources: Click here to learn how to scan resources from a disc or other location into Verbum.


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