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Using Resources without Internet Access



The Verbum Bible app is a cloud-based application, meaning it streams content—like Bibles, commentaries, and search results—from the internet. When away from wifi or internet access, it is still possible to use some features, or read offline resources. Follow the steps below, with an active internet connection, to prepare a resource for offline reading.

Note: Resources must be owned to be downloaded. You can buy resources for Faithlife apps at and Faithlife Ebooks. Install and learn more about the Verbum app, here.


Downloading a Resource

  • First, make sure you have an active internet connection to begin.
  • Open the Verbum Bible app.
  • Find your resource in the Library list.
    Or, in reading view, swipe down to reveal the interface.
  • Tap the Info icon.
  • Tap "Download" button, to begin installing your resource.



Downloaded resources are no longer streamed from the cloud and will use up space on your device. The amount of space varies by resource but is generally nominal when dealing with only a few resources. It is recommended to download your preferred Bible, commentary, and dictionary.


Advanced: Downloading All Resources

It is possible to install all of your owned resources. You will do this from the Library view. Pull the list down to reveal the Download All button.

Download time will vary by library but may be extensive. This may also take a lot of space on your device. Because of the download time and space requirements, and because resource-to-resource searching requires an internet connection anyway, this method is generally not recommended.

You can remove downloaded resources by following the download steps above, and pressing Remove instead of Download.

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