Error installing Logos with AOL Tech Fortress

You may encounter the following error while installing or updating Verbum with AOL Tech Fortress installed.

"Unable to create or save new files in the folder into which the files are being extracted. Please check the folder properties to ensure you have permission on the folder to write files and that the folder is not read-only."


"The installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework did not succeed."

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AOL Tech Fortress is designed to block most installers, including Verbum, if it doesn't recognize them. In the case of VerbumSetup, it may not be able to warn you to check your Protection Level setting, resulting in the error messages above.

Tip: This article only applies to AOL Tech Fortress users. If you have not installed AOL Tech Fortress, please visit our other installation articles for help with possible installation problems.



Ï To resolve this problem, you will need to temporarily adjust your Tech Fortress Protection Level.

  1. Click on the Tech Fortress icon, in your System Tray (by the Windows clock).
  2. Choose "Tech Fortress" to open the Tech Fortress window.
  3. Drag the Tech Fortress Protection Level slider to "Install".

  1. Close the window and retry the Verbum installation or update.
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